Latest research from Dr Amalio Fernández-Pacheco

The emerging field of nanomagnetics promises transformations in practical fields ranging from data storage to biomedicine.  In a new research article, published in the journal Nature Communications, Sidney Fellow in Natural Sciences Dr Amalio Fernández-Pacheco and colleagues review the state of the art of nanomagnetic structures in three dimensions.

Nanomagnets are used for the transfer and storage of data in all sorts of everyday electronic devices.  Due to the layering of materials required in the design of current devices, that data transfer takes place along a two dimensional horizontal plane.  By developing new fabrication and characterisation nanotechnology techniques, Dr Fernández-Pacheco and his research group have been investigating the capacity to develop three dimensional systems.

The team is confident that their research has the potential to revolutionise the surface to volume ratio of data storage and transfer, and that such utilising three dimensional geometries will improve the design of diagnostic equipment in a range of biomedical fields.

Full citation: Fernández-Pacheco, A. et al. (2017) Three-dimensional nanomagnetism. Nature Communications. 8, 15756 doi: 10.1038/ncomms15756, 

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