Wired and wireless internet access is available across all guest accommodation.

Your personal log-in details can be found in the welcome folder that will be issued to you when you check in. If these details are not available, please contact the Porters’ Lodge.

By connecting, you are agreeing to the rules and guidelines for acceptable use.

Wireless Access

If you'd like to connect to the College wireless with your wireless visitors ticket, please follow these instructions:

  1. Connect to the "UniOfCam" wireless network
  2. You should be directed to a login page in your browser, if you are not, please browse to any website in your devices web browser and you should then be redirected.
  3. Enter your wireless ticket and password in the login box provided.


Wired Access

  1. Plug your computer's Ethernet port in to a spare port in your room
  2. Register your computer. A registration page should automatically open in your default web browser but if not, manually go to: https://register.sid.cam.ac.uk/members/
  3. Enter your wireless ticket in the "Log-in with a visitor/wireless ticket" form in the bottom-right corner
  4. You'll then receive a "Your network connection is now fully activated!" success message.