The Computer Suite is situated on the first floor of Garden Court. You can access it by going up the staircase in the Library.


The computers in the computer suite are University Managed Desktops (UMD) which support a number of standard and specialised software packages.

The Computer Suite has a number of UMD computer's running both Windows.


Please see the FAQ for any questions you might have about the UMD computers before contacting us.


There are standard vulnerable periods set for key systems across the University during which services may be interrupted or become unavailable for maintenance or other dedicated work. There may also be emergency maintenance required from time to time. Users will usually be notified of this in advance.

Desktop Services (UMD Computers and printing and scanning (DS-Print)) have standard vulnerable periods of every Monday to Friday, between 07:30–09:00 and 17:00–19:00, and every Saturday at 00:00 to Monday at 08:00.

Other software and related systems used on the UMD machines may also receive scheduled maintenance. You can view the status of these systems and subscribe to status updates on the UIS IT Service Status page.

See UIS's vulnerable periods and scheduled system changes.


The Computer Suite has 1 large MFD printer (Konica Minolta Bizhub C458) that prints both A3 and A4. There is also one located one floor down in the Library.

To find out more about the DS-Print service, see: DS-Print on University IT Services.

Regulations for the use of the Computer Suite

Please remember that the Computer Suite is designated as a space for quiet work and study - your cooperation in keeping noise to a minimum is appreciated.

The Library Committee of the College Council, which includes student representatives, proposes and periodically reviews Library and Computer Suite Regulations for approval by Council, to ensure that these key facilities are used considerately and prudently at all times, for the benefit of all members of the College.

You should follow the below regulations at all times:

  1. Noise must be kept to a minimum, and no conversation may take place in the Library and Computer Suite, including the staircase. The College provides alternative spaces for group study, with enhanced provision in the Easter Term.
  2. Books, notes etc. in current use should not be left so as to obstruct the use or maintenance of the facilities.
  3. Users may bring any kind of non-alcoholic drink with them, as long as it is sealed in a robust, accident-proof container, but food, open cups, mugs etc. and paper/plastic cups with or without lids are forbidden.
  4. Mobiles must be set to silent mode, and no calls can be made or taken; texting, web-browsing etc. must be discreet, and not disturb other users.
  5. Users must conform to the notices and instructions of the Library and IT staff.
  6. Users must not damage the computing equipment, the installed software or stored information. 
  7. Games may not be played on the UMD computers.
  8. Log out before leaving a workstation. This is for your security, and to comply with University of Cambridge computing guidelines and rules.
  9. No College-provided computing equipment (eg monitors, scanners, printers, mice) should be disconnected and moved from the machines they are connected to.
  10. The computers are for hot-desk use by all Sidney UMD members. Users must therefore remove all books, papers and personal items when leaving a workstation.
  11. No unauthorized copies may be taken of software accessible from a workstation.
  12. Use of the facilities for storing or processing personal data must be in accordance with the Data Protection Act; such use must be notified to the College's Data Protection Officer.
  13. Use of the University Network is allowed under the guidelines and rules laid down by the Information Services Committee (ISC).

Enforcement of the Regulations and Sanctions:

  1. Library and IT staff and users all have a role in ensuring that these Regulations are observed for everybody’s benefit. While staff will tackle directly behaviour in breach of the regulations, peer expectations and peer pressure are fundamental to keeping the Library as a welcoming place for quiet study: users should feel empowered to ask others to desist from behaviour contrary to the regulations, and – if their request is ignored – are encouraged to report the matter to the Librarian.
  2. Depending on the incident, users deemed to be in breach of the above regulations may be given a first warning by Library staff, or reported to the Dean. The Dean may impose sanctions within the Dean’s powers.