At Sidney Sussex, accommodation is often available to postgraduates in their first year.

You are eligible to apply for College accommodation for the first year of your studies if you are starting your postgraduate work in Cambridge and have not previously been a postgraduate student living in University accommodation. We are normally able to offer accommodation for one year to most applicants who accept our offer by early May, and each year we ballot some rooms for continuing students.

This is most likely to be in one of the College's postgraduate hostels that are situated across various locations throughout the city. Each hostel has between 6 and 12 rooms, a full kitchen and bathroom(s), a washing machine, and in some cases a garden. There is space for bicycles within the grounds of each hostel. 

There is a limited amount of accommodation available for subsequent years, through the continuing postgraduate ballot.

Discover more about postgraduate accommodation at Sidney Sussex below.

Couples' accommodation

Students bringing partners may apply for couples’ accommodation, however because we have very few couples’ flats we cannot guarantee that all students with partners will be able to live in College accommodation.

Unfortunately we currently have no College housing suitable for students with children.


There is no parking available, and Cambridge students should be reminded that they may not keep cars in the city except by special permission by the University Motor Proctor

Occupancy terms

The occupancy agreement with the College runs for the full academic year. The annual residence charge is payable in three equal installments, due at the start of each term. Students will be offered the possibility of extending their tenancy until early September, but are warned that they may have their room assignments changed after late June. Unless you are one of the few graduate students whose degree course officially begins before the beginning of Full Term (PGCE, MBA, MPhil Real Estate Finance and MPhil Economics), you cannot take up your College accommodation before the beginning of the occupancy agreement. Please do not arrive in Cambridge before that date unless you have made other plans for temporary accommodation outside of College.