Wondering about availability, accessibility, or anything else relating to your visit or stay at Sidney?

Here's everything you need to know.  If you have any queries, please contact the Conference team


Contact our friendly Conferencing team if you would like to check availability.


Sidney's oldest buildings in College were founded in the sixteenth-century, but we are always taking steps to improve accessibility around the College grounds.

Many of our dining and meeting rooms are on ground level and our modern accommodation has lift access.

Take a look at Sidney's AccessAble guide for more information, or please contact us for more details.

Terms and conditions

If you are holding an event in the College, please be aware that alongside the information contained on your booking form, the full College terms and conditions are applicable to your function.

Sidney Sussex endeavours to function ethically, particularly in regards to its business, food, and environmental impact. For more information, please view our ethical statement.

Event services

Whilst we do not recommend any suppliers directly and none are affiliated with the College, our Suppliers list may provide some useful starting points. Another helpful list is available through Meet Cambridge.

Visitor information

The Visiting Sidney page provides useful information for visitors including maps of the College and information about how to get to Sidney.  The University of Cambridge also provide an online map of Cambridge.

Once you are here, our Guide of things to see and do in Cambridge might help to give you some ideas.