Sidney's close-knit community, stunning grounds and fantastic city centre location are just a few reasons why you'll love Sidney.

Welcome! You're here because you're considering the University of Cambridge and Sidney Sussex, and that's excellent news. 

Joining the University means becoming a proud member of a College community here in Cambridge. You'll mix with students living all around the city, and you'll visit most of the Cambridge Colleges at some stage — you may travel to a different College for a supervision, or meet up with friends from your course or society for dinner. No matter what happens or where you end up, you'll have the best time.

Why Sidney

Sidney is right in the centre of town and all of our accommodation blocks are nearby. The closeness of our accommodation and facilities brings our community together. And togetherness is what Sidney's all about! We champion each other's achievements and provide support whenever it's needed.

Sidney is right in the heart of Cambridge. Our students instantly become immersed in the bustling student atmosphere of the city.

'What are the grounds like? What facilities does Sidney have?'

Despite being located right in the centre of town along bustling Sidney Street, you'll find a remarkably peaceful space once you're inside the College walls. Here you can explore Sidney's pretty gardens, get down to some study, hang out with friends and eat in the beautiful dining hall or modern Old Kitchen.

Sidney has a well-stocked library and computer suitegym, a student-run bar, several music practice rooms, and access to some of the best outdoor sports facilities in Cambridge.

Five reasons to choose Sidney

  1. The sense of belonging is powerful at Sidney. You'll feel comfy, happy and at home here.
  2. Our central city location is perfect.
  3. Accommodation is guaranteed for undergraduates.
  4. We have a structured learning skills programme to help develop your study and revision techniques.
  5. Our pastoral team is large and includes a Head of Student Wellbeing — your happiness is the most important thing.

Five interesting things about Sidney

  1. We're the youngest of the 'old' Cambridge Colleges, and we're all about the love! Sidney was founded on St Valentine's Day in 1596, and Downing College followed over 200 years later.
  2. Sidney’s buildings and accommodation are a fantastic blend of old and new. The most recent addition is the Old Kitchen (new dining space), serving area and main College kitchen — they were completed in 2021.
  3. Sidney’s bar remains one of the only student-run College bars in the University and is one of the cheapest in Cambridge.
  4. Sidney's close-knit community extends to the animal world — you'll find lots (and lots) of squirrels running around in our large, open gardens, and Great Spotted Woodpeckers routinely nest in the Fellows' Garden.
  5. Student rooms have access to kitchens of varying sizes, but we're also a catered College and our chefs use a state of the art kitchen complete with baker's oven. They're brilliant chocolatiers too, and have organised chocolate-making workshops for students during the busy exam season. Yummy!
A Sidney chocolate-making workshop in action