Helpful information for those graduating at General Admission in June, applying for Management Studies, or currently studying Engineering, Mfg Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Natural Sciences, or Mathematics in third year.

**It is with great sympathy to all those effected, that we must inform you of the suspension of all ‘in person’ congregations until further notice. Please, see the latest University statement to that effect.  Further information provided by the University can be found on the Degree Ceremony Dates page of the University website.

The College Praelector and the Senior Tutor recently provided specific guidance on the forthcoming in absence graduations via email to all graduands. These communications can be accessed via the Moodle section on college communications.

If you have a query relating to General Admission, please contact, queries relating to all other ceremonies throughout the year should be directed to**

If you're considering a fourth year option, or this is part of your original course ie NatSci and Engineering, you will not automatically be put forward for the ceremony this June. However, if you do not wish to proceed to a fourth year, or if your grades may not be acceptable for the next level of studies, it's important that you contact the Tutorial Office so that you can be included in the Ceremony, even as just a precaution.

Once you've been added to the Ceremony, it's easy to remove you right at the last minute, but it's not possible to add you to the ceremony once the deadline has passed. Please keep in touch with the Tutorial Office about any concerns you may have, or to talk through your options.

Letter from the Master and your University Transcript

Under normal circumstances, the College receives your University Transcript usually by mid-July and this is then sent onto you.  However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the University is unable to process any requests for paper copies of transcripts or degree certificates until further notice.  Further information on how you can access your digital transcript can be found on the University website page Degree Certificates and Transcripts.

The Master traditionally sends a letter to each Graduand once they have graduated, graduands in 2020, will receive this via email. 

We ask that you complete the 'First Destination' address in your CamSIS self-service and add a personal email.  This will be used to contact you once your @cam email closes approximately 21 days after you graduate.  Your details will be passed onto the Development Office who will keep you regularly updated with Alumni Events and information on returning for your MA degree (where applicable)..  Please inform them if you need to make any changes to your contact information in the future.  This is especially important for those attending General Admission in 2020 as the Tutorial Office will contact you regarding future General Admission celebrations and ceremonies at Senate House and at Sidney.

College Bill

All debts to the University must be settled in full before a student can graduate. The Student Finance Manager will write to you before the end of Lent Term with further details of your final term’s College Bill.