Helpful information for those graduating at General Admission in June, applying for Management Studies, or currently studying Engineering, Mfg Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Natural Sciences, or Mathematics in third year.

Please see the latest guidance from the University regarding degree ceremonies.

** Updated on 5th May 2020 - A date has now been set by the University for those who need to or wish to take their degrees in absence on the 27th June (General Admission).  

Due to the need to modify assessments this Term, the examination timetable has been extended, which means that it is likely, that for some students, their results will not be processed by the 27th June.  Consequently, discussions are fully underway to enable another date for those students who need to take their degree in absence to graduate.  If you are due to Graduate at General Admission, you will be contacted as soon as the College knows more.**

**April update: The University has confirmed that Congregations on 25 April 2020 and 16 May 2020 will go ahead but in absence only; any queries regarding these ceremonies should be directed to . At the current time Congregations for the remainder of the 19/20 academic year (including General Admission), have been postponed due to the Coronavirus, will post updates to this website as soon as any further arrangements are known. We thank you for your patience during this difficult time ** 

The Information below should only be used as a reference once business returns to normal.

If you're considering a fourth year option, or this is part of your original course ie NatSci and Engineering, you will not automatically be put forward for the ceremony this June. However, if you do not wish to proceed to a fourth year, or if your grades may not be acceptable for the next level of studies, it's important that you contact the Tutorial Office so that you can be included in the Ceremony, even as just a precaution.

Once you've been added to the Ceremony, it's easy to remove you right at the last minute, but it's not possible to add you to the ceremony once the deadline has passed. Please keep in touch with the Tutorial Office about any concerns you may have, or to talk through your options.

Information for your diary

To assist with planning for the Graduation Ceremony, you may find the following information useful for travel and holiday arrangements (times are an approximation and may vary slightly):

Date to be confirmed

Time Activity

11.00am - 2.00pm

Group and individual photos

2.30pm - 3.45pm



Graduation service


Pre-dinner drinks then dinner in Hall

Date to be confirmed

Time Activity


Arrival and preparation for procession to Senate House


Graduands process to Senate House


Guests to arrive at Senate House


Graduands to arrive at Senate House

12.15pm - 12.45pm

Admission to degrees


Graduation lunch

Registering for Graduation and the Graduation Ceremony

The University deadline for sign-up is TBC.

To register, log on to CamSIS and select ‘Graduation > Apply for Graduation’. Subsequent steps are self-explanatory. You will be asked:

  • whether you wish to receive your degree in person or in absence
  • how many tickets you would like for guests (maximum of 3)
  • whether you wish to apply for extra waitlist tickets (maximum of 3)
  • whether you wish to attend the graduation dinner (undergraduates only)

NB Graduate students taking their degree at General Admission will receive a separate invitation from the Graduate Tutors.

*Please note that students do not need their own ticket!

A full timetable for TBC will be circulated to graduands in late May and then again in June, after exams.

Graduation photo and rehearsal

Graduands must arrive for the Rehearsal dressed as if ready for graduation on Friday (see below).


In the afternoon the Praelector will conduct a full dress check of each graduand, and a full rehearsal in the Chapel (no guests). You will receive a group time in due course.


  • A group photo will be taken in the Fellows’ Garden on TBC.
  • There will be an opportunity for individual and family photos.
  • Each graduand will be issued in advance, by the Tutorial Office, with a bar code, used to identify you in the photograph.
  • Your barcode must be collected from the Tutorial Office on the morning of the TBC.
Graduation dress requirements

The University has strict dress requirements for graduation.

Please consult carefully the Dress Regulations for detailed information:

Please note that you will need to collect your academical dress on the afternoon of TBC.

The College has an agreement in place with Ryder and Amies for a one day hire for the two day period if you choose to use them.

Graduation Dinner

Please note, guests are not permitted to the Undergraduate Matriculation Dinner due to numbers and the limited capacity of Hall.

Graduate Graduands’ Dinner

Date: TBC

Time: 7.00pm, Pre-dinner drinks in the Cloister Court

Hall: 7.30pm

Undergraduate Graduands’ Dinner

Date: TBC

Time: 7.00pm, Pre-dinner drinks in the Cloister Court

Hall: 7.30pm

Dress code for both dinners

Dinner jacket or formal evening wear (if you're unsure, please contact the Tutorial Office)

Gowns will be worn

Graduation Reception

The Master cordially invites you and your graduation guests to a buffet lunch after the ceremony, in the Fellows’ Garden. The Fellows, and many members of the College staff, who have supported you through your time at Sidney will join the party to celebrate your graduation and your time at Sidney, and to wish you well for the future.

Letter from the Master and your University Transcript

The College receives your University Transcript usually by mid-July, this is then sent onto you. The Master also traditionally sends a letter to each Graduand once they have graduated. For this purpose, we ask that you update your ‘First Destination’ address in CamSIS. If you do not do this, they will be sent to the last known home address on CamSIS which may delay any applications that require proof of your degree.

Please update your ‘First destination’ address by the end of June so that you receive both your Transcript and the Master's Letter.

Your address will also be passed onto the Development Office who will keep you regularly updated with Alumni Events and information on returning for your MA degree (where applicable).

College Bill

All debts to the University must be settled in full before a student can graduate. The Student Finance Manager will write to you before the end of Lent Term with further details of your final term’s College Bill.