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Investment Policy

Sidney Sussex College holds investments in securities and commercial property (principally retail units in Central Cambridge). This investment income is essential for the College’s viable operation as an educational charity and therefore it has a fiduciary duty to maximise income in order to support its charitable purposes.

Within this context, the College considers social responsibility and ethical considerations in determining how to invest in securities and sets out in its Investment Policy the emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations.

The College’s securities portfolio consists of passive index tracker funds, and a small holding in the Charities Property Fund. Where the College has held direct investments for historical reasons it has actively sought to sell these, and so does not hold direct investments in companies involved in fossil fuels or tobacco, nor has any intention of directly investing in such companies in the future. From time to time the College may receive directly held shares as part of a donation or legacy and has set out its commitment to liquidating such holdings where possible and reinvesting the proceeds in pooled funds.

The College aims to appoint investment managers with ambitious shareholder engagement goals. The default position is to expect managers to vote in favour of ESG shareholder resolutions or explain deviations. The College will consider terminating relationships with investment managers if their voting records do not align with the College’s policy. Furthermore, where the College sees an opportunity to influence public discourse, it will work, within its fiduciary responsibilities, to effect such change.

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Appropriate Relationships

Appropriate Relationships Policy

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech Statement

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