Explore this page to find useful and important information for incoming Sidney postgraduate students.

Please look carefully at this material, and if you have any questions or if there are items or issues that concern you, please contact the Postgraduate Office.

Please read the forms noted in the College forms section below as soon as possible, and pay close attention to the completion deadlines.

Useful documents, links, and information

Welcome letters

If you have any financial queries, please contact our Tutorial and Student Finance Manager.

Health and safety
  • Getting started with IT
  • IT matters at Cambridge
  • The College Library and Computer Suite are open 24 hours a day to Members of College using their University Card. The Computer Suite is on the First Floor of the Library. Students who might experience problems with access (the first floor is accessible only by spiral staircase) are requested to contact the Librarian in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
  • Internet access is provided throughout the College and its hostels with over 100 wireless access points and high-speed wired connections.
  • University IT services All students are provided with an account to use on the University's systems and services including wireless access, email, printing, and computing services.
  • Privacy We respect your privacy, see the privacy policies for network services you connect through when using the network at Sidney Sussex College.
  • Security Find out how to keep your device updated and protected against online threats. Use the University's free anti-virus solution.
  • IT FAQs See commonly asked questions about IT at Sidney.
  • IT Support The IT Team at Sidney are available to help with your IT queries. They are happy to answer any questions and are prepared to welcome new users to the College computing facilities.
University card

University cards are issued automatically by the central University using the information you have supplied on CamSIS. The College has no control over the issue of University cards and will not respond to any queries about when they will be available. Depending on your arrival date, your University card may or may not be provided in your Welcome Pack when you arrive. If not, you will be informed as soon as your University card arrives at the College Postgraduate Office and is available for you to collect.

The Judge Business School issues its students with cards at the beginning of the course.

Further information

Further details regarding your card can be obtained from the University Card Office website.

There is a replacement fee for lost cards of £10 which will be put onto your College Bill; stolen cards must be reported with a Police Crime number. Please contact the Tutorial Office for details.

Guides and maps
Accessing Sidney
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College forms

Please pay attention to the completion deadline of the forms on this page.

You must complete a few forms as required by the College and Cambridge University. If you have any queries, please contact the Postgraduate Office who will be happy to help.

Matriculation dietary requirements and food allergies

It is very important that you inform the College of any dietary restrictions or food allergies in order to provide you with the best catering service that we can.

Please complete the Dietary Requirement form by the 22 November 2017 as this information will be used in preparation for the Matriculation Dinners.

Medical questionnaire

If you're a continuing Sidney student, then you do not need to complete the medical questionnaire for a second time.

Medical Questionnaire

So that the College Nurse can be aware and make sure that any appropriate action, with your consent, is taken into consideration for pre-existing conditions or if any medical conditions should arise whilst at the College, please complete the questionnaire above. The information that you provide will be kept strictly confidential. This form must be completed and returned as soon as possible and no later than two weeks after arrival to College. A paper copy of the form is provided in your Welcome Pack that you will receive upon arrival to Sidney. A labelled envelope is also included for data confidentiality purposes.


Complete and return the questionnaire before arrival via post marked 'Private and Confidential' FAO the College Nurse.


Complete the questionnaire as soon as possible after arrival to Sidney, and return to the Porters' Lodge in the provided envelope for delivery to the college nurse

GP registration

Once you have arrived in Cambridge, you will be advised to register with a local GP and the Nurse will give you guidance on this. Once you have done so, please complete the online GP form which can also be found in the Health and Welfare section of the website.

Disability disclosure

Return the disability disclosure form to the Disability Resource Centre and send a copy to the College (if you do not have a disability or you have already disclosed your disability as part of your application there is no need to complete and return the form).

Fire safety and cycle registration

At the Postgraduate Induction Meeting on Sunday 1st October you will be given a brief fire-safty talk by the Head Porter. Following this talk, you are asked to sign and return the Fire Safety Agreement to the Porters' Lodge.

If you wish to park a bike in a Sidney-owned bike park or rack, you must first register your bike with the Porters. To do so, please fill out the Cycle Registration Form and bring it with your bike to the Porters' Lodge.

Note that both of these forms will be printed in your Welcome Pack when you arrive.

Childcare support

The Joint Committee on Childcare for Students operates the Central Childcare Bursary Scheme, which offers financial assistance to EU and overseas student parents with Ofsted-registered childcare costs. There are bursaries available to help with pre-school and out-of-school childcare costs.

The University operates a Childcare Support Fund, which offers financial assistance to home student parents with Ofsted-registered childcare costs.

For more information on either of these schemes, including printed application forms, please visit the Postgraduate Office in B Staircase.

Induction and matriculation

Postgraduate induction meeting

You are required to come to the Sidney Postgraduate Induction on Sunday 30 September 2018 at 6.00pm for 6:15pm prompt start (until 7.30 pm) in the Mong Hall (informal dress). There you will meet all the other new graduate students and also get a chance to meet some current graduate students and officers of the MCR. You will be introduced to the Postgraduate Tutors, the Postgraduate Tutors’ Personal Assistant, the Senior Tutor, the Chaplain, and other key staff members. Over wine and soft drinks, we will be answering questions and giving you a few tips and pointers about College life. Please note that you are still required to come to this event if you have already taken an undergraduate degree at Sidney. However, those who have already attended the Postgraduate Induction at Sidney in the past, as postgraduate students on a different postgraduate course, are not required to attend.

Matriculation photograph

Professional photographers, Gillman and Soame will be at the College on Monday, 1st October, at 1.00pm in the Fellows Garden to take the College Matriculation Photograph (a group photo for both Postgraduates and Undergraduates). If you have not already taken a Cambridge degree, you are expected to attend the group photo. You will be issued with an ID card for the Group Photograph, and also one for an optional Individual Photograph in the morning (time slots TBC). It is important that you bring these with you and do not misplace them.

The Photographers will send information directly to the College with information on how you and your family can order the Group and Individual Photographs approximately one week later. This information will be put in your pigeon hole.

Matriculation Ceremony and Dinner

Matriculation marks the formal admission of a student to membership of the University. Every candidate for matriculation must subscribe to the following declaration by signing the Matriculation Registration Form:

I promise to observe the Statutes and Ordinances of the University as far as they concern me, and to pay due respect and obedience to the Chancellor and other officers of the University.

Matriculation at Sidney involves a ceremony in the chapel where you will sign the Matriculation Register. This is witnessed by the Master, Praelector and Senior Tutor and the College Tutors and Chaplain are normally in attendance.

The Postgraduate Students ceremony takes place at 6.15pm on Thursday 4 October 2018 in the Chapel. If you have already taken a Cambridge degree, whether at Sidney Sussex or another Cambridge College, you do not matriculate again. You are, however, welcome to attend the ceremony as an observer, space-permitting.

Following the Matriculation Ceremony will be pre-dinner drinks at 7.00pm (venue to be confirmed on arrival) followed by the Matriculation Dinner at 7.30pm. This is a formal meal which you are expected to attend in Hall (please let us know your dietary requirements by Friday 21 September), where you will sit with those in your subject accompanied by Fellows and Staff.

All students new to the Sidney postgraduate community must attend this meal even if they are not matriculating, including those who have taken any other degree at another Cambridge College and those who have taken an undergraduate degree at Sidney. Regrettably, those who have already taken another graduate degree at Sidney, and so already attended a Sidney postgraduate matriculation dinner, will not be able to attend.

If you are expected to attend this dinner (as above) but you are unable to do so for any reason you must inform the Postgraduate Tutors’ PA giving your reason for non-attendance by Thursday 28 September.

Dining etiquette
Pass the Port to your left!

Always a bit daunting but nobody knows what he or she are doing on their first day so just enjoy and follow these simple guidelines!

Stand when the Fellows enter and while grace is said; cutlery, "start from the outside and work your way in", #Titanic;

For Formal Halls, if you have a special dietary requirement, please make sure you request this at the time of booking and when you arrive, speak to the Buttery staff and take an appropriate diet card to your seat.

  • your bread plate is to the left and your drinks glasses are to your right. You will usually have at least three glasses, a water glass and both red and white wine glasses and occasionally a small Port glass;
  • place your napkin on your lap and start eating only when those diagonally to you have been served;
  • no mobiles on the table;
  • and finally, always pass the Port to your left!
Dress code

The dress code for the Matriculation Ceremony, photographs, and the Matriculation Dinner is formal: jacket and tie, or smart dress. The Postgraduate Union has an informative webpage regarding which gown to wear.

You may hire or buy academical dress from any of the following Cambridge suppliers:

Ede & Ravenscroft
70-72 Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RJ
www:www.gownhire.co.uk or 01223 861854
Purchase Enquiries: 01223 350048 (shop) or 01223 861854

Ryder & Amies
22 King’s Parade, Cambridge CB2 1SP
www: www.ryderamies.co.uk
Email: enquiries@ryderamies.co.uk

A.E. Clothier
WWW: www.aeclothier.co.uk
Email: sales@aeclothier.co.uk

Gown guide

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