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Sidney Sussex is committed to the principle that no UK student should be deterred from making an undergraduate application to Cambridge by financial considerations, and that no such student should be unable to take up a place, or have to leave before gaining a degree, because of financial difficulties.

An affordable university

Cambridge is by no means a particularly expensive university, and here's why:

  • the Home tuition fee is identical to that charged by most other UK universities; current expenses (and room rents in particular) are generally lower than elsewhere
  • unlike private accommodation, which is typically rented by the quarter or the calendar year, College accommodation is only charged for the period of residence 
  • students generally have no transport costs as most Colleges and University Departments are easily reached on foot or by bicycle

If you're eligible for a student loan, you have a right to borrow the funds needed to cover your tuition fee. This tuition fee loan will only become repayable after graduation, and only while your income is above a certain threshold (periodically reviewed by the Department for Education).

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Check out our Finance and funding page to learn more about the costs involved in studying and living at Sidney Sussex.

Our Student Finance Manager can help with any queries you might have about covering the costs at Sidney.