Unlike for undergraduate study, postgraduate students do not apply directly to a Cambridge College. Applications for most postgraduate degrees are made via the University.

If you're applying for a PGCE, an MEd, an MBA or EMBA, an MFin, MACC or for an MSt, please refer to the Faculty of Education, Institute of Continuing Education, or Judge Business School as appropriate.

All postgraduate applicants are given the option of nominating a preference for two Colleges. For your application to be considered by us, you must place Sidney Sussex as one of your preferred Colleges in this section. We really hope you consider Sidney!

Sidney Sussex generally admits around 105 postgraduates each academic year. If you've been offered a place, you'll receive a notification on CamSIS in the first instance. We'll email you shortly afterwards with further information.

Discover which courses are available on the University's Postgraduate Admissions website.