The Sidney Sussex College Choir is a friendly and welcoming community which maintains consistently high musical standards.

Choral Scholarships

We are seeking applicants for all voice types, up to a maximum of three per voice part for each year. Choral Scholars receive an annual stipend in line with the University Choral Scholarships scheme, and free singing lessons. Other perks include free national and international tours, Choir formals, and a number of social events throughout the academic year. For further information, please contact the Director of Music.

Discover more about applying for a Choral Scholarship on the University website.


Sidney is an ideal Choir for those who cannot commit to a daily singing routine, but are still keen to make music at the highest level and take part in annual tours and commercial recordings. The regular term-time commitments are as follows:

Sundays: 4.45 pm rehearsal for 6.00 pm Choral Evensong
Wednesdays: 5.15 pm rehearsal for 6.30 pm Latin Choral Vespers
Thursdays: 5.30 - 7.00 pm rehearsal (for upcoming music)
Fridays: 5.15 pm rehearsal for 6.30 pm Choral Evensong​

Free formal hall is offered on Fridays and Sundays. Extra rehearsals are occasionally arranged at the beginning of the academic year, and for recordings, tours, and special College events.

Members 2021 - 2022

Sopranos: Emily India Evans, Cosima Ballance, Christina Warren, Doraly Gill, Olivia Bloore, Grace Cunningham

Altos: Anna Behrens, Anna Morgan, Yammi Yip, Elizabeth Vogel, Anna Webb

Tenors: Thomas Hillman, Jonathan Jolly, Hector King, Nicholas Walters, Robin Datta, Richard Walmsley

Basses: Theodore Gill, Felix O'Rahilly, Calum Urquhart, Luca Myers 

Senior Organ Scholar: Emily India Evans

Junior Organ Scholar: Luca Myers

Senior Choral Scholar: Theodore Gill