Are you supporting a young person considering applying to Sidney?

It's likely that you may have your own questions and concerns about your child entering higher education.

The information below provides suggestions on how to support them while they're living away from home.

Applying to Sidney

How does my child apply?

Discover more about our application process on our Apply page and on the University of Cambridge website. Our friendly Admissions Team are on hand to offer advice in relation to any queries that may pop up throughout the application process. Visiting one of Sidney's Open Days is the best way to get a feel for the College and to ask any questions.

How do you allocate accommodation to undergraduates?

We guarantee accommodation for all undergraduate students staying with us for a duration of up to four years. All undergraduates are expected to live in College accommodation.

All first year students are randomly assigned a room by the Tutorial Office once all results are released in late summer. These students will be accommodated around other first years. Any special accommodation needs will be gathered in advance of the allocation, and the College will do what it can to help with the rooms available. Accommodation is allocated directly by the College's Tutorial Office once all offers have been confirmed. It is expected that the room which has been assigned will be used for all three terms.

Second and third year students enter a random (rather than academic) ballot. Students can enter this ballot in groups of up to four to ensure they end up living with friends.

Fourth year undergraduates have a separate ballot run at the end of June, after the exam results have been announced.

Find out more about our range of accommodation

Where is the accommodation located?

One of the (many!) great things about Sidney is our fantastic, town-centre location. The majority of student rooms are located within College grounds, or just a short walk away.

Our Subject pages provide a useful insight into where your child’s lectures might take place in relation to the College.

What costs are involved in studying at Sidney?

You can find out more about the specific costs involved in studying at Sidney on our Finance and funding page.

It is important to note that the University and Colleges are committed to the principle that no suitably qualified Home fee status student should be deterred from applying to Cambridge by their financial circumstances. Therefore, an extensive programme of financial support - including non-repayable Cambridge Bursaries - is offered to help our students meet the cost of their Cambridge education, regardless of background.

Do you have accessible rooms, and cater for particular requirements?

Yes! We have a number of bedrooms suitable for students with specific accessibility or support needs. In addition, many rooms are served by lifts, and there is good disabled access to the library and other public rooms.

New students are asked to inform us and the Disability Resource Centre of any particular requirements that we need to make allowances for before they arrive. We will endeavour to do what we can with the rooms available.

My child is applying, and they will be under 18 at the point of entry. Will this be an issue?

Your child's age will not be viewed negatively when applying to Sidney, and it is actually not uncommon for students to still be 17 when starting with us. As long as they feel happy and confident to start a course at 17, then their age would not impact their chances of being offered a place here.

The only exception to this is Medicine, which has specific age requirements for entry. 

If a student will be under the age of 16, then we will need to consult with the Faculty or Department (in which the majority of their University teaching will take place) before making an offer to check for any safeguarding issues.

Arriving at Sidney

What should they bring to university?

Our Tutorial Office and student Fresher’s Reps will prepare a handy guide for new students, and this will include information about what to bring. New students will receive this a couple of months before they are due to arrive.

Prepare for independent living

It would be helpful to ensure your child is able to use a washing machine, is ready to budget for their weekly shop, and can cook a few simple dishes (especially if they plan to spend lots of time in the kitchen!).

We have a beautiful Dining Hall at Sidney, and our chefs prepare tasty food and meals every day. See more on our Eating here. All of our accommodation blocks have cooking facilities though, and it’s important that they can cook nutritious meals to maintain their physical and mental health.

Arrivals and cars

Our Tutorial Office will coordinate arrival arrangements at the end of summer, a couple of months before your child is due to arrive. New students arriving by car will be given a time slot during which the car can be unloaded in College grounds.

College Bill and payment dates

Read all about the College Bill and more on our Finance and funding page. The College's Tutorial and Student Finance Manager is on hand to offer advice and assistance where needed.

What welfare support is available at Sidney?

We are proud to have a large (and very friendly!) pastoral team at Sidney.

Discover more information on the University of Cambridge website.