Helena Fox's musical, Rust, was on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festial this summer, receiving fantastic reviews and the 'Best Musical at the Fringe' award. The show will be coming to Cambridge from the 13-16 November.

Helena co-wrote Rust with Geraint Owen, also studying at Cambridge. The musical was on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festial this summer, and received multiple five-star reviews, standing ovations, won an award for 'Best Musical at the Fringe', and was shortlisted for the same award by a further two musical theatre papers.

The Musical Theatre Review gave the show five stars, and commented, "The pace and balance of Helena Fox’s writing is close to flawless; an outstanding example of what can be achieved in one hour on a stage. The cast of eight is all strong in both acting and singing. Underplaying to just the right level for the piece, this young company shows a maturity beyond its years".

Helena noted, "The musical, Rust, is based on the month I spent in hospital for mental illnesses just before I started at Cambridge. I moved out of hospital exactly 14 days before I moved to Cambridge. This was, to say the least, a momentous and terrifying experience, and the friendly and attentive welcome I received from Sidney was indispensable for me feeling like university might be possible - a special shout-out to Sophie Comiskey for being so helpful and kind in response to my panicked emails from hospital about university admin! I received a generous travel grant from College which was a great aid in allowing me to take the show up."

The show will be coming to Cambridge from 13-16 November 2019, and will be on at 11pm each night. Helena noted, "If you can bear the late night, I think it's a really important exploration of mental illness, addiction, and recovery, and it would be really special to see some friendly (if sleep deprived) Sidney faces there".

Tickets are available on the ADC Theatre website.

In addition to this, Helena will be performing in a one-woman show on Monday 25 November. The show, Suspended in Gaffa, is an hour of poetry, storytelling, and myth. Discover more on the ADC Theatre website.

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