Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, M.A., D.Phil., OBE has been elected the 25th Master of Sidney, taking effect from August 2009 when, by statute, the term of Professor Dame Sandra Dawson comes to an end. A person of great personal warmth and charm, Andrew has had an unfailingly distinguished academic career in Oxford, Cambridge, Leicester and Reading.

He has been Editor of the leading journal in his field, the Journal of Roman Studies, and was Visiting Professor at Princeton in 1991. Since 1995 he has been Director of the British School at Rome, the largest and most dynamic of the British Research institutes abroad. His major books and articles include a study of the first century Latin writer Suetonius and a social history of the Roman house, which won the Archaeological Institute of America's R. Wiseman award in 1995. His new book, Rome's Cultural Revolution, just published by Cambridge University Press, is already attracting much interest and admiration. He is currently directing the Herculaneum Conservation Project which has involved new excavation and new discoveries (not least the waste: the population of Herculaneum apparently ate an enormous number of eggs!), as well as collaboration with engineers, surveyers, geologists, chemists, vulcanologists, palaeobiologists, archaeologists, architects and conservators. Andrew has made his commitment to Sidney clear. He has emphasized the necessity for the full support and involvement of the Master in all the College's endeavours and his understanding of the role of a Master to be 'at the heart of college life, to generate the self confidence of an institution, to promote and build on a convincing shared vision, and to lead a sustained team effort'. We look forward to welcoming him and his wife Jo to Sidney.

This is an archived news story, first posted in 2008.

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