Sidney's Master, Professor Richard Penty, is part of a team assembled to deliver the UK’s four Quantum Technologies Research Hubs' research drive.

The Quantum Communications Hub is part of a national network of four hubs led by the Universities of York, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Oxford.

The latest project will see collaborations between 26 universities involving 138 investigators and over 100 partners.

The University of Cambridge is a partner in the Quantum Communications Hub, led by the University of York, which is pursuing quantum communications at all distance scales, to offer a range of applications and services and the potential for integration with existing infrastructure.

Richard is the Cambridge Principal Investigator for the Quantum Communications hub which is a >£20 million project involving researchers from both the Engineering Department and the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.

Through these Hubs, the UK’s world-leading quantum technologies research base will continue to drive the development of new technologies through their networks of academic and business partnerships.

Richard commented, “We will be extending the UK's first quantum network (UKQN) to a national scale, with links over the EPSRC National Dark Fibre Facility to London and Bristol, as well as a link to our industrial partner BT in Adastral Park in Ipswich. We will be using this network to trial more advanced quantum communications technologies, including quantum repeaters, quantum entanglement, continuous variable QKD and new algorithms.”

You can read more about this exciting project on the University of Cambridge Research page.




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