On Sunday 3 October, the Master, Professor Richard Penty, will run the London Marathon to raise much-needed funds for Sidney students.

The London race was postponed last year because of COVID-19, but this year the marathon is back on the usual course with up to 50,000 runners taking part, and another 50,000 are expected to complete the 26.2 miles at venues of their choice throughout the day, competing “virtually” via an app that allows runners to track and record their runs. 

The virtual event follows on from the success of last year’s virtual race, where more than 37,000 runners, including Richard, completed the 26.2 mile challenge from home. Richard raised over £2,000 in 2020, and these funds were put to good use in supporting our students' needs arising from the COVID crisis. 

Richard commented, “The last 18 months has been very tough on our students. I have been lucky (?) enough to obtain a place at this year’s long delayed London marathon and will be rushing off to London after the Fresher’s tea party to get ready for the race on the next day.

“Given this difficult time for our students, I thought that I would run in aid of Sidney hardship funds – many students had additional costs last year and no doubt will have them this too with e.g. additional accommodation costs for quarantine and self-isolation, unexpected equipment costs for remote learning etc. If you would like to support this - and I’m very grateful for the Development Office making it easy to donate – please visit Sidney’s website to make a single gift, or to make a regular donation, selecting the appropriate heading on the ‘Preferred Direction’ drop down menu.

“I’m not expecting a particularly fast time: just getting around in one piece before it gets too dark to see the finish line will be success enough for me. If you’d like to follow me around the course from the comfort of your sofa, you will be able to do that via the Marathon App available from the London Marathon website. With many thanks in advance.”

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