Waterbeach willow bridge nominated for series of awards.

A living bridge designed and installed by a team that included Cambridge architecture students and Sidney Sussex’s Director of Studies in Architecture Michael Ramage has been nominated for a series of awards.

The Living Link bridge, spanning a ditch in Cow Hollow Wood near Waterbeach, was built by weaving together locally coppiced white willow and osier.  

It was the product of a collaborative project between the Woodland Trust, Smith and Wallwork engineers and the Department of Architecture, with input and labour from architecture students and Sidney Fellow Michael Ramage. 

And now the project has been recognised with the bridge being nominated for two awards in the Institution of Structural Engineers Structural Awards, for ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Small Practices’, and one in the ‘Structural’ category of the 2013 Wood Awards.

You can find out more about the awards, and see more photographs of the bridge, by visiting the Structural Awards and Wood Awards websites.

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