Paddy Lowe graduated from Sidney and Cambridge in 1984 with a degree in Engineering, and has enjoyed a fantastic career as a British motor racing engineer ever since. The College proudly admits Paddy as an Honorary Fellow.

In 1987 Paddy joined Williams as a Control Systems Engineer. He shifted over to McLaren Racing in 1993 and worked as Head of Research and Development. Paddy stayed with McLaren for 20 years, working as Technical Director by the end of the period. He played a vital role in the World Championships of Mika Hakkinen and Lewis Hamilton and helped to pioneer lots of exciting innovations in the sport. 

Paddy enjoyed more successess at Mercedes Grand Prix, where he joined as Executive Director in 2013. At Mercedes, Paddy oversaw three consecutive Constructors’ Championships and three consecutive Drivers’ Championships with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Having experienced an incredible career thus far in Formula One, Paddy has come full circle and returned to Williams, rejoining in 2017 as Chief Technical Officer.

Sidney is proud to admit Paddy as an Honorary Fellow, and wishes him every success at Williams. 




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