Information about the University's Brexit microsite, and Professor Kenneth's Armstrong's latest Brexit analysis.

Professor Kenneth Armstrong, Professor of European Law at the University of Cambridge and Sidney Fellow, has written an article, published in the Times Higher Education [paywall], exploring the methods academics are using to influence developments and debate. It is a reflection informed by his involvement with the legal team that brought a successful legal action in the Scottish courts and UK Supreme Court to declare the prorogation of Parliament unlawful.

Kenneth has also been keeping up with Brexit developments over on his blog, In Kenneth's latest blog post, Getting a Hard Brexit Done -Towards a New Final Destination, he looks at how the trajectory of Brexit has changed radically from a year ago with a new Prime Minister.

Kenneth authored Brexit Time: Leaving the EU - Why, How and When? which was published in 2017.

To keep all current and prospective students, academics, and staff informed, the University of Cambridge has created a Brexit microsite. Follow this microsite to see the University's latest guidance, statements, and analysis.

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