Sidney is a really great College to be at! The community is so friendly and you will hopefully soon feel very at home here. We are a relatively small Cambridge College, so you will get to know everyone quite well, including people from older year groups, who are always on hand for advice. 

The course itself is very broad in first year but gives great foundations for your degree here. You will cover five papers: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Maths and Stats, Politics and British Economic History. Although the papers may seem separate in their material, you come to appreciate how interrelated they are. In the first two terms you’ll have around 11 hours of lectures per week, but very few to none in third term. These lectures help cover the core material and allow you to build a solid foundation for the term’s work. Lectures take place at the Economics faculty at the Sidgwick Site and all Economics students across the Colleges attend, so it is a great way to meet people from other Colleges. 

Supervisions are the most unique part of Cambridge’s teaching experience. They provide the opportunity to discuss concepts and questions in further depth with an academic in the relevant field of study in a small group of 2-4. You will have five supervisors - one for each paper - and will have five supervisions every fortnight. Depending on the paper and the supervisor, you will be tasked to complete a problem set or an essay before the supervision. Problem sets for micro, macro, maths and stats tend to contain 3-4 questions, ranging from mathematical problems, short conceptual questions to essays. For the politics and history papers, you will usually be assigned around 5 readings and an essay to complete. Specific expectations will be clarified by your supervisor during the first supervision. Most of your supervisions would be at Sidney, but you might also have to go to other Colleges (my year had our history supervisions at Churchill College).