What is the SSCSU JCR?

One of the strengths of the collegiate system at Cambridge is that rather than having just one Students’ Union for the whole University, each College has its own. At Sidney our Students’ Union is called SSCSU (Sidney Sussex College Students’ Union). You may hear the term 'JCR' a lot around the Cambridge Colleges. It stands for 'Junior Combination Room', and refers to both a physical room and the particular student body in a College (ours is SSCSU!).

This also allows for College level sports teams and societies. Rather than compete for a place on a whole University sports team against hundreds of others, you can just join a College team. This makes it easier to find something at the level appropriate for you. Check out some of Sidney's clubs and societies!

It also means that there are more people to run events, more people to help you, more people to ask questions of and more ways to be involved than at many other universities. At Sidney we have a handful of Welfare Officers who look after student welfare, a team of ‘Entertainment Reps’ who put on events and a whole host of liberation officers to represent particular groups. The liberation officers are: BME Officer, LGBT+ Officer, International Officer, Disabled Students’ Officer and Class Act Officer. This means that no matter your background you are welcome at Sidney and there is someone on SSCSU to represent you.

Colleges are also social hubs and SSCSU runs frequent events for all College members. At Sidney our Ents team puts on a number of events each term including our famous Sidney Silent Discos in the College Bar. Our College Bar is student run, in fact we're one of the only Colleges to still run our own bar!

About me!

I’m Sidney’s JCR President which means I represent Sidney students in meetings with College staff and across the University.

I joined Sidney in 2018 after being encouraged to apply through various outreach events and summer schools, becoming the first person from my school to go to Cambridge. From the second I arrived I was struck by how friendly and welcoming everyone was. My ‘College parents’ met me in the car park and helped me move into my new College room and I haven’t looked back since.

Get involved

I hope you’ll spend some time learning about what Sidney has to offer and consider applying to join us next year. Make sure you watch the videos on the Sidney YouTube channel that some current students and I have made to answer common questions.

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