From the beginning of my Master’s degree, Sidney has proven to be the perfect College choice in Cambridge.

Situated in the heart of the city, the College is a great starting point for an international student like myself to explore Cambridge. Whether it is a College tour on a Sunday with friends or just the occasional run along the river Cam, the magnificent gardens are a great place to rest afterwards and offer a tranquil space for recreation.

The historic buildings are gorgeous, relatively hidden and only accessible after passing the main gate with a beautiful tower. Evensong in the Chapel has a wonderful atmosphere, too. But aside from these cultural and slightly touristic aspects, the College has great facilities to offer for the everyday life of a student in Cambridge. The accommodation for postgraduate students is very centrally located; the Dining Hall takes the need off students to cook for themselves and creates a community spirit during common suppers and Formal Hall dinners; and the College has its own library with a great selection of books, students from all subjects can dive into topics of interest.

A relatively small student body creates a warm community feeling, which is celebrated during annual June Events in the College gardens with changing themes. Other occasions that convene the postgraduate community are postgraduate dinners, where I appreciate the inclusive character, as well as events that are organised by the very active and engaged Middle Combination Room (MCR). If you are a prospective postgraduate student, I can only recommend you select Sidney as College of your choice for all its social and supportive aspects!