I'm proud to be a member of Sidney Sussex College. Firstly, its size is ideal for community-building: throughout my stay, I was able to actually engage with most of the graduates and learn about their experiences, interests, and fields of study, which is something most larger Colleges lack.

Secondly, Sidney’s MCR —“Middle Combination Room”, a society of which every graduate student is a member— is outstandingly active and inclusive: it frequently hosts thematic formal dinners and social events at the College, and has a number of diversity officers.

As an LGBT sociologist whose research focuses on discrimination, I found incredible value in the College’s welcoming atmosphere for students of any gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or with any disability.

Sidney provides everyone with an opportunity to partake in Cambridge’s most distinctive activities, which include rowing, choir singing, and academic debate. Personally, I enjoyed supporting my friends at the “May Bumps”, attending several choir services at the Chapel, and listening to my colleagues’ own ideas at Sidney’s graduate seminars.

All in all, I would encourage any prospective student to consider applying to Sidney Sussex College. It's a great place!