Wherever you come from, whether that is Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Europe, or the Americas, coming to Cambridge can inevitably be a culture shock…but that should never discourage you from applying! Cambridge has an innate quality of becoming your home away from home. Whilst you may naturally gravitate to those who resonate with you culturally, you will truly see how integrating with many different people from many cultures, will not only diversify your experience, but diversify you! For us, coming from a Nigerian background, the biggest shock had to be the shift in culture, and what an initial shock that was! However, people at Sidney truly know how to make you feel at home, and as BME Officers, we are beginning to really kickstart the potential of the BME Community at Sidney, starting with the implementation of anti-racism workshops and events celebrating our cultural differences. Our focus is to whilst creating a family community of BME students, to educate and enrich, and we would love to see you next year!

There are staff and students working to make Sidney and Cambridge a more embracing and diverse place. It is true that wherever you go, you’ll find problems in one shape or another, but we can assure you, Cambridge definitely has its perks: it will provide you with an opportunity for immense growth and steer you on a platform for success. Being surrounded by such academically able peers is an amazing feeling. 

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