Professor Andrew Flewitt, who is a member of the University Engineering Department, received his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1998 investigating the growth of hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin films using scanning tunnelling microscopy.

Andrew stayed in the Engineering Department following the PhD as a Research Associate sponsored by Philips Research Laboratories working on the low temperature fabrication of thin film transistors for liquid crystal displays. Andrew was first appointed to a Lectureship in August 2002, and was made Professor of Electronic Engineering in 2015. Current research interests include the degradation mechanisms of inorganic thin films transistors, metal oxide thin film transistors and silicon nanowires-polymer composite semiconductor materials. More recently, research activities have included the study of MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS). Of particular interest are sensing and microfluidic pumps devices based on acoustic waves. He is a Member of the Institute of Physics, a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and is a Chartered Engineer. He is an Editor of the IEEE journal 'Electron Device Letters'.

Publications, Links, and Resources

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