I am a classical archaeologist focusing on the Bronze Age Aegean (3rd and 2nd millennia BCE) with a particular interest in examining the role of burials and mortuary rituals in ancient societies through fieldwork and the study of past excavations.

My research interests include the archaeology and art of Bronze and Early Iron Age Aegean, mortuary archaeology, the history of the antiquities trade, and the integration of material, textual, historical and scientific-based research into the narrative of classical archaeology.

Before coming to Cambridge in 2013 to join the Faculty of Classics and Sidney Sussex college, I studied at the Universities of Athens (Greece) and Oxford (Keble College), where I also worked as the Curator of the Early Greek collections and the Sir Arthur Evans Archive (Ashmolean Museum, 2007-2012). I am currently the Director of Archives in the Faculty of Classics in Cambridge. At Sidney Sussex, I am the Director of Studies for Part 1B and II in Classics and Part II in Archaeology.

My research focuses on examining how and why the social dimensions of human life shape archaeological remains in funerary contexts and for this reason I am keen in integrating different datasets (from skeletal and faunal remains to geoarchaeological data) to better understand site formation processes and how tombs were constructed, used and reused. I am currently co-directing an excavation in central Greece and I am also responsible for the publication of a number of old excavations from Thessaly, Messenia and Crete.

In 2013, I published The Aegean World. A Guide to the Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaean Antiquities in the Ashmolean Museum, and in 2017 (with A. Christophilopoulou and J. Grime) Codebreakers & Groundreakers. I regularly integrate archaeological and archival/historical data in my publications in order both to question and to understand better how knowledge is produced. While working at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, I became interested in understanding the factors – aesthetic, economic and political – that shaped the collections that museums house today. I am a member of the Cambridge Heritage Research Centre. My current heritage project is a monograph entitled The Digger, the Dealer and the Diplomat: the 19th-century antiquities trade in Greece.

Publications, Links, and Resources

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