Özge Öner is an Associate Professor in Spatial Economics and Real Estate at the Department of Land Economy and a Fellow in Economics and Land Economy at Sidney Sussex College at the University of Cambridge.

Öner earned her PhD in Economics with a focus on Urban and Regional Economics in Jönköping, Sweden, in 2014. She completed part of her PhD studies at the Regional Economics Applications Laboratory (REAL), University of Illinois. Before Cambridge, she worked as an Assistant Professor at Jönköping International Business School and as a Researcher at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) in Stockholm.

With strong ties to Sweden, she remains affiliated to Handelns Forskninginstitut (Institute of Retail Economics) in Stockholm and Centre for Entrepreneurship and Spatial Economics (CEnSE) in Jönköping as a Research Fellow.

Özge’s research deals with migration, labour mobility, micro-geography of segregation and ethnic enclaves, retail and service geography, urban amenities, the geography of entrepreneurship, and political geography.

She is a former recipient of the Handelsbanken Wallander postdoctoral scholarship in Sweden (2015), the Young Investigator Award in Italy (2018), as well as the Young Researcher Award in Sweden (2019) awarded by the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

In addition to her engagement in academia, Özge writes monthly columns at the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (eng. The Swedish Daily News).

Publications, Links and Resources

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