Joe obtained his PhD in the group of Eric Vauthey at the University of Geneva in 2019, looking into molecular charge transfer systems using ultrafast electronic spectroscopies. From 2020 until late 2022 he was then a Swiss National Science Foundation Early Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton, developing and using single-particle spectroscopies to understand complex systems. He is now a SRA in the Steven F. Lee lab here in Cambridge, continuing to develop and use spectroscopic tools to understand disease in human tissues as part of the Aligning Science Against Parkinson's (ASAP) consortium, which seeks to understand the molecular events behind Parkinson's.

Joe's research interests span ultrafast, steady-state and single-particle spectroscopies. This encompasses developing, building and applying a variety of experimental techniques to the application of statistics and information theory to spectroscopic measurements—all in service of understanding fundamental chemical reactions in nanoscale systems.  Joe is also passionate about equity and inclusion in chemistry, having co-founded "Queer in Chemistry Network" organisations both here and in Princeton.