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Email Migration

Email Migration from Hermes

The University Information Service (UIS) is allowing any University member to migrate to Exchange Online from the 4th September 2017. This is part of a long-term phased withdrawal of the Hermes mail service.

Unfortunately, the College has not had sufficient time, documentation and training to enable College IT Services to adequately support any migration effort.

Our current recommendation is that all fellows, staff and students currently continue to use the Hermes email service and do not migrate to Microsoft Exchange Online at this time. Should you choose to migrate we cannot adequately assist you at this time with any issues you may encounter.

Should you wish to use an alternative email program to Hermes webmail on your personal machine such as Apple Mail or Outlook please go to and follow the instructions for the appropriate program.

We will review the email services in Lent 2018 and will let you know should the support we offer for Exchange Online change.