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Alternative Study Spaces

Because the Library and Computer Suite are intended for individual quiet study, other spaces in College can also be made available for more infomal study, or for intensive group work.

Seminar rooms can be booked on a same-day basis at the Conference Office in Garden Court. These could be an excellent additional facility as long as you make sure that you vacate them on time if asked to do so, and leave them in perfect condition. We could not continue to offer these rooms as group study spaces if supervisors (who are the main users) were to find their work hampered by other users.

The Sidney Bar should be open for study from 10am during term. During vacations it will be needed for other functions.

During Easter Term, the Knox-Shaw Room and the Mong Hall are also available as study environments. At those venues, and at other places around College, you will find detailed availability timetables for the current and coming week. Our aim is to limit any extraneous bookings as much as possible, so that you can be confident of finding the rooms available to you on a regular pattern. Some events, which could not be re-located elsewhere, will still be held in these reserved locations: on such occasions, it will be necessary to clear the venue. A link to a pdf timetable for weeks 5-8 of 2017 is below.

Study space timetable for weeks 5-8, 2017, Version 2 (pdf, 307 kb)

The big change in 2017 is that, following consultation with SSCSU Welfare Officers, there will be opportunities to do exam practice in both mornings and afternoons. Full details of days and times are available on the timetables.

Everybody’s co-operation will ensure that the periods of exam practice in the Mong are respected, so that everybody has the opportunity of practicing whole papers or sections of papers under relatively realistic exam conditions: so no laptops, no talking, no walking in and out, and if you only intend to sit part of an exam, please sit at the back so as not to disturb your fellow students who are in it for the long haul.

Please note also that if you intend to study silently under scrupulous exam conditions, you can use the Mong Hall at exam practice times regardless of whether you actually have a past paper in front of you.

If none of the Sidney-based options quite meet your needs, you could consult the University Library's "Spacefinder" resource.

There are many faculty and department libraries which admit all members of the University, regardless of the subject of their study or research. Study in other college libraries, however, is allowed only with the permission in advance of that college's librarian, which is unlikely to be granted in Easter Term.

In addition to other Sidney rooms, and other libraries, there are other Computer Suites managed by the University. Such a facility is sometimes called a Managed Cluster, a Managed Cluster Service / Room / Site, or an MCS. It may also be referred to as a PWF (Public Workstation Facility), a term used in previous years. See here for Information on Managed Cluster Services