People power

Polish Solidarity and the Ukrainian revolution

Sidney Sussex will host a symposium on Thursday 5th May exploring the connections between the Polish 'Solidarity' revolution of the 1980s and the 'Maidan' (movements) of Ukraine after its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

This exciting event runs from 3-7.30pm and includes two sessions, with speakers including:

Krzysztof Bobiński (President, Unia & Polska) 

Zbigniew Bujak (legendary leader of the Solidarity movement)

Paweł Kowal (researcher at the Institute for Political Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences)

Andrii Portnov (historian at Humboldt University) 

Marci Shore (intellectual historian at Yale University)

Oksana Zabuzhko (Ukraine's most celebrated contemporary novelist)

For more information, and to reserve a free ticket for event, please visit the Cambridge Polish Studies website.

This is an archived news story first posted in May, 2016