MCR seminar - Tuesday 3rd May

Graduate students to present their research findings

The next Graduate Seminar will take place on Tuesday 3rd May, and will showcase work done by two current graduate students at Sidney. It will begin at 6pm in the Mong Hall, and all are welcome.

The titles and abstracts for the talks are as follows:

Nathan Curry (Department of Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology) Adapting optical super-resolution microscopy in cells and tissues

Imaging biological structures inside tissue is crucial in neuroscience and will allow understanding of neuronal networks and the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. Optical microscopy has been a key technique for visualizing the structures and processes of cells. However, conventional techniques had limited resolution and did not allow small structures to be imaged - until the recent development of optical super-resolution microscopy. Currently, only state of the art systems can be used to image deep inside tissues. Over the course of my PhD I have been developing an optical super-resolution microscope which is well adapted to imaging inside tissue samples. The technology developed here will allow higher resolution imaging of these structures.

Vanya Kuma (Faculty of Law) Because you’re (not) worth it: How expensive is a free ride in trademark law?

This seminar discusses the basics of trademark law in thecontext of the legal prohibition of free riding on reputed marks. It asks whether free riding is necessarily unfair, and its relation to genericide, inter alia talking about why brands name drop, how (un)happy Google is when you say “let me Google that for you!”, and why L'Oréal doesn’t think Bellure is worth it.

This is an archived news story first posted in April, 2016

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