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Guitar and Mandolin concert this Sunday 10th April

The Consortium for Guitar Research at Sidney Sussex College will be staging a special public concert this Sunday as part of their latest workshop.  Featuring a hundred years of guitar and mandolin music, the free concert will be held at 7.30pm in the College Chapel.


Fernando Sor (1778-1839): Fantaisie élégiaque, Op.59 - performed by Ulrich Wedemeier (Guitar by René Lacôte, 1833)

Manuel del Pópulo García (1775-1832): Llevame a Zurguen, Y lo no digo par mal and Fernando Sor: Se dices que mis ojos, El que quisiera amando - performed by Valeria Mignaco (Voice)/ Jelma van Amersfoort (Guitar by Enrique Recio, Cadiz, 1863)

Within a mile of Edinburgh, Rondo (c.1802) and Haydn’s favorite Air, Henrico (c.1810) - performed by Taro Takeuchi (Harp-guitar by Rolfe, Cheapside, c.1810)

Juan Antonio Vargas y Guzman: Sonatas VIII & IX (1776) and Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829): Folia Variations Op. 45 - performed by Richard Savino (Guitar in French style by Tim Laughlin, California)

Clara Ross (1858-1954):"l'Allegro" for mandolin and guitar and Paul Sparks (4-course Neapolitan mandolin, the workshop of Calace, Naples, 1893) - performed by Jelma van Amersfoort (Guitar by Enrique Recio, Cadiz, 1863)

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