Remembrance Sunday

College remembers its war dead.

At a ceremony in the ante-chapel the Master and MCR President have laid wreaths of poppies before the College's war memorials.  A short silence was observed in memory of those members of the College who gave their lives in war. 

They are:

The First World War:

Alan La Touche Baillie, William Arundel Bell, Herbert Samuel Penny Blair, John Paul Bromhead, Arnold Hayes Burrows, Leonard Dobbie Cane, Thomas Harold Rayner Daniels, Norman Brabazon Dick, Cyril Garlies Dickson, Samuel Frank Edmonds, Cyril Stuart Embrey, Guy Cuthbert Ewen, Robert Ronald Rawcliffe Fletcher, Geoffrey Fyson, Denys Norman Garstin, Norman Gawan Taylor, Thomas Francis Gawan Taylor, William Hyde Eagleson Gordon, Harry Percy Bright Gough, William Justin Gould, John Smith Hall, Lancelot Graham Harris, Rycharde Mead Haythornthwaite, Arthur John Herder, Basil Scott Holmes, Alan Battersby Jameson, Owen Bennett Goold Johnson, Frederick Christian King, William Oliver Redman King, Reginald Hugh Lawson, Leslie Paul Long, Edward Millett Mair, Sidney Todd Martin, John William Gibson Morris, Walter Lionel Paine, Vivian Telfer Pemberton, Lawrence Kelway Pope, Reginald Rapp, Alfred Victor Ratcliffe, Oliver Crossley Rayner, Andrew Montgomery Rees, Louis Leyson Rees-Mogg, John William Reynolds, John Stanley Robinson, James Erle Radcliff Rosier, Douglas George Rouquette, George Shankster, William Hammond Smith, Cecil Cooper Spink, John Maitland Stenhouse, George Stuart Taylor, Walter Delay Ward, Thomas Palmer Watson

The Second World War:

Richard Scobell Abbott, Richard Guy Allen, John Henry Vita Arbib, Benjamin Rhodes Armitage, Rupert Tom Guy Arthur, Charles Pierpoint Best, Madhav Gururao Bewoor, Richard Bickford, Denzil Francis Heriz Biggane, Edwin Maurice Blake, Charles Cecil Brackenbury, Joseph William Capstick, Denis Henry Benedict Carlisle, Illtyd Thomas Holden Carson, William Michael Coffey, William Donald Meyrick Coningham, Richard Mervyn Echlin Crofton, Ronald Vincent Geoffrey Currall, Henry Peter Dixon, Peter Dixon-Spain, Alexander Gostling Donald, Arthur Dunford, Richmond Edwards, Alec Elliott, Oliver Leslie French, William Blackmore Gill, Josiah Anthony Boeck Gimson, John Gordon Griffith, Richard Edward Harris, David Alister Roy Hathorn, Michael Rowland Hill, Edward Langworthy Houghton, William James Michael Howell, John Alexander Hope Johnston, George Durant Kemp-Welch, John Raymond Kettle, John Henry Rondel Le Sueur, Ronald Scott McAlpine, Harold Dermot McNeile, Frederick Stanley Maltby, Philip Roland Marrack, Derek John Mayall, Harold Michael Muir, Major Hugh Oddie, Brian Berey Parry, Haydn Walter Phillips, John Hayden Pickles, Hugh Pope, Roy Anthony Haigh Potter, John Derek Brearley Rigby, Edwin John Sarra, Holford Cave Secretan, Michael George St John Seelly, Reginald Dundas Simpson, Maurice William Hilary Squire, Donald Leslie Stevenson, Alan Leslie Stooke-Hallett, Geoffrey Charles Sutton, John Francis Allen Swallow, Clive Napper O’Connor Tandy, John Arthur Tate, John Stuart Taylor, Eustace Ernest Vazeille Temperley, Brian Winslow Thynne, Henri van Leeuwen, Eric Francis von Bock, Roger Latham Waddy, Michael Alban Wellington, Peter Harold Wheelock, Thomas Hovenden Worth, David Alexander Wyatt

In the coming weeks a new section of the College website will be launched to explore how the College and its members were affected by World War One.  This will include more information about the men who died in the conflict and whose names are recorded here, but it will also look to fill out our understanding of how the war affected other members of the College and explore how the College was itself shaped by the war.  Please check the homepage in the coming weeks for more information.

This is an archived news story, first posted in 2014.

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News item posted Sunday, 3rd May 2015

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  • Remembering those who died in World War One
  • Remembering those who died in World War One