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Library Regulations and Guidelines


The Library Regulations agreed by Council can be found here: Library Regulations (pdf, 397KB)

Following a successful experiment from April 2016, we allow all forms of non-alcoholic drink in the Library as long as they are in a robust, firmly-lidded container which cannot possibly be spilled. As a thought experiment, imagine that someone else, while you are away from your study place for a moment, accidentally knocks over your drink and puts their bag down on it. If your drink container passes this virtual test, it is suitable for the Library.

In summer 2017 we removed the old regulation restricting the use of laptops on the Ground Floor. Laptops may now be used everywhere in the Library and Computer Suite, including the Ground Floor window spaces facing King Street car park, and the table nearest the skeleton cupboard.


There are some points which are not regulations, but which make a lot of sense:

  • If you leave your belongings in the Library, whether clothing, books, papers, folders, binders or anything else, please mark them with your name or CRSID. If they get misplaced, it will then be much easier for us to re-unite you with them.
  • Please do not take books, DVDs etc. out of Cambridge during term, unless you have consulted Library staff. If you are leaving Cambridge during term, please do not lock books, etc. in your lodgings.
  • If you are using a laptop in the Computer Suite, please do not sit at a workstation, unless you are using that as well. There are a few spots where you can work without obstructing any workstation.
  • If you have found a space you like, but prefer a different chair, please feel free to swap chairs around.