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College Teaching Associate in Learning and Writing Skills

Access the CTA's resources on Moodle to see how she can help you.

Reference management:

Information on the reference styles applicable to each department can be found in the Cambridge LibGuides.

The Sidney Sussex College Librarian can also help you get started if you would like to use a reference management programme (e.g. EndNote, Mendeley) in your work.

Cite them right online (via University subscription)

Other University resources:

Cambridge University Skills Portal

University Information Services (UIS) IT Training

Self-help resources from the University Counselling Service

Advice on study skills from CUSU

University of Cambridge advice on plagiarism and good academic practice

"LibGuide" from the University of Cambridge's website, to help you avoid plagiarism - Source: C. Trowell, Marshall Librarian, Cambridge University Library

Automatic break reminder recommended by University Occupational Health Service:

Workrave - a programme which encourages you to take micropauses and rest breaks.