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New arrangements relating to the University-wide library system change from Jan 2018

Most books, including medical books, are now issued for 14 days. Loan periods and Library overdue charges ("Fines") are now set across the University, since almost all libraries are using a new Library Management System called "Alma" from Jan 2018. Alma has various advantages, but allows individual libraries less precise control of some things. For instance, our old 10-day loan period is simply not possible, since it is not one of the loan periods which has been set centrally.

We retain the item type of "Short loan", but instead of applying it to all medical books, we are keeping it in mind to apply to any items which in future, for reasons of teaching or research, need to be issued and returned to the shelves with a very short turnaround time. Any such items will be prominently marked.


Overdue items are charged at 25p per day.

Overdue items recalled by another user are still charged at 50p per day.

Charges for lost / damaged Sidney books are dealt with under the Library Regulations.

Charges for photocopying / printing done by Library staff, comb binding and postcards can be paid in cash at the Library Office, or added to the user's College Bill, as convenient for the user.

Higher University-wide charges for DVD and Short loan overdues from January 2018

The charge for overdue DVDs and Short loan items has now been increased by the system to 50p per day.

The charge for overdue DVDs and Short loan items recalled by another user has now been increased by the system to £1.00 per day.