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Sidney Greats

The Sidney Greats seminar series is designed to give the college community of students, staff and Fellows an opportunity to learn more about classic texts and foundational ideas. Founded by Fellows in English Clive Wilmer and Dr Edward Wilson-Lee, Sidney Greats has quickly grown into one of the most popular events in the academic life of the College.

The series invites speakers from within and beyond the College to explore important works or ideas in an approachable format and interdisciplinary environment. These have ranged widely across the arts and sciences, from human rights law to Shakespeare, Newton to The Qur'an. As Clive Wilmer explains, 'The series aims to give breadth to the education our College offers by familiarising students and others with texts, ideas and artefacts that are widely judged to be "great".'

With generous support from the College's Annual Fund, the debate continues after the lecture over dinner in Hall, affirming the idea of the College as intellectual community.

You can listen to many of the lectures by following the links from the term titles to the University Video & Audio website.

All lectures start at 6pm in the Old Library and are followed by a free supper for those who wish to attend. Bookings for the lecture and dinner can be made on SidNet; a booking link for the Michaelmas lectures will be sent around during Freshers' Week, and for the Lent lectures towards the end of Michaelmas Term. Alumni wishing to attend the lecture series should contact Ms Rhiannon Shaw at

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