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Printing Services

New Printers (Summer 2019):

Updated instructions can be found pinned up near the new printers (where possible), or in the 'Related Links' section of this page. You can find the Konica Minolta Bizhub C458 online manual here and for the Konica Minolta Bizhub C3350i here.

The following post-installation problems are being investigated:

Problem: On the 'Release' section, the physical buttons on the screen do not respond, preventing log out or menu choice
Workaround: Use the icons on the PaperCut interface to log out, print or go to the main menu. Typically found in the top-left or top-right corners

If you experience any issues with the new printers, please email

DS-Print - Printing Service at Sidney Sussex College

The college operates the University's DS-Print system which allows you to print, copy and scan documents using DS-Print enabled multi-function devices (MFDs). 

You can print to DS-Print devices from the MCS computers in the Computer Suite and from your own devices when connected to the University network.

Find out more here:

Printers at Sidney

We have four large MFD printers (Konica Minolta Bizhub C458) that print both A3 and A4 located throughout the college. All of these printers have the ability to staple documents. These can be found in:

  • Library
  • Computer Suite
  • Hall Court Print Room (The right MFD has a booklet function also)

Other smaller A4 only MFD printers (Konica Minolta C3350i/C3350) can be found in:

  • X staircase (first floor landing)
  • Y Staircase (cupboard outside Development)
  • Bursars PA's Office
  • Masters PA's Office
  • Tutorial Office Meeting Room
  • College Office (access only during work hours)

If you experience any issues with the printers please email

Install DS-Print onto your own device

To print using these printers you follow the installation guide here:

Ensure you are logged into PaperCut before trying to print. When you go to print a document select 'Sid_FindMe' as the printer.

Dialogue box

Note: All printers are set to print in black and white by default. The user is responsible for ensuring that the correct printer driver settings are set for the intended form of output, including the duplex setting. Note that printing is charged per side printed.


Scanning, copying and printing is charged per side. Sidney Sussex uses the "local balance" system displayed as Sidney Sussex : "Balance" via the My DS-Print portal. You will start at £0.00 and decrease as you copy and print. This will then be added to your college bill and your balance will be reset back to £0.00. Scanning to email is free.

You can view a list of costs here: Typically, the average cost is:

Colour Size Cost (per side)
 Greyscale US LETTER 10p per side
 Greyscale A6 3p per side
 Greyscale A5 4p per side
 Greyscale A4 5p per side
 Greyscale A3 10p per side
 Colour US LETTER  30p per side
 Colour A6 10p per side
 Colour A5 15p per side
 Colour A4 20p per side
 Colour A3 30p per side

Collecting Your Document(s)

To collect your documents after you have printed from your computer, present your University card to the card reader and press "Release" to see a list of documents ready to print.

Once this list appears select a file by pressing directly on the file name, you should then be able to press print to begin printing.