Sidney Sussex Feminist Society aims to be an inclusive, diverse and inter-sectional space where women and non-binary students can come together to share their experiences in Cambridge.

We aim to create a welcoming community where we can have discussions about a whole range of things in a fun and relaxed environment.

We recognise that every woman and non-binary student will have a different experience at Cambridge, which is why we run a variety of different events, so there are many different ways to be involved.

Some of our most popular events this year have included our Forum, an informal discussion group in the JCR, hosted one evening a week with snacks provided. We also have regular movie nights and special events for United Nations designated days like International Women's Day.

A particular highlight last year was our Women and Non-Binary Student's Dinner, a three-course meal, which celebrated our community in Sidney.

We are always looking for new ways to explore the issues that we are passionate about and our new committee have some great ideas.

It promises to be a great year ahead with a range of new events, we're excited to get started!