We are excited to welcome you to College soon!

This page is intended for undergraduates arriving in the academic year 2020-21 and the information here should help you prepare for your arrival. Please check this page regularly as further information will be added over the coming weeks.

COVID-19 information

The College is committed to the safety of all its members and may produce extra guidelines in relation to the pandemic; these may change rapidly as the national and local situation develops.

It is the responsibility of every member of College to know what those guidelines are and to follow them at all times.

Important documents, links, and information

Welcome letters

Please see 'Downloads' in the side bar for welcome letters from members of the College.

Directions, parking and drop-off procedure

Dear Sidney Freshers,

[you need only read further if you are coming up on Saturday 26 September or later; those arriving before that time will receive separate guidance at the time their permission is granted].

In order to maintain COVID-security for existing residents, new arrivals, and accompanying families/supporters, it has been necessary to alter the traditional Sidney welcome & drop-off routine during the main arrival period from Saturday 26 September and Saturday 3 October.  

Specifically, on arrival to the relevant car park and for the duration of the drop-off process,

each occupant who leaves the car to unpack must wear a mask at all times while within college, maintain social distance, and only walk the designated route to the boundary of the relevant accommodation block; the arriving student
  • walks directly to their room, where they will find their room key, university card (for Freshers), and two complimentary face masks;
  • moves belongings from the open-air boundary of their accommodation block to their room (helped by other members of the same household, if they were able to arrange this  in advance; or by a member of the welcome crew, if available; otherwise, in a series of successive trips);
  • if needing to retrieve belongings from storage, follows the most direct route to the storage area [JCR/Squash Ct], and retrieve belongings from there (non-Sidney members must wait outside);
arriving student and family/supporters are then able to
  • reconvene in town for last minute shopping
  • spend some time together for farewells etc in the college gardens.  Face coverings can be removed once past the archway at the bottom of Cloister Court and into the main college garden (and must be worn again from that point on the way out).  To help preserve social distancing, we ask you to limit this part of your arrival to no more than half an hour, so that everybody has the opportunity to part in a relaxed, uncrowded open space/

I am sorry to have to share with you this piece of unavoidable COVID-19 collateral damage: the warm, informal yet super-efficient turnaround in the King’s Street and Cromwell Ct car parks is one of the signature moments of student arrivals, and - for freshers and those arriving with them -  a strong first memory of the college community in action.  We have tried to maintain some normality and spontaneity, notably in the opening up of the college gardens; and we rely on your understanding and co-operation to ensure everybody settles in safely.

Max Beber

Senior Tutor


Your rent includes electricity and internet connection. You will also be asked to pay the Catering Charge which will be added to your College Bill. The Catering Charge allows the College to subsidise all meals purchased in College.

Rent is payable in advance at the start of each term.

It is expected that the room which has been assigned to you will be used for all three terms. Rooms have to be vacated during the vacations as the College uses student rooms for conferences. Consequently, you will not be charged rent during vacations. 

It is important that you realise that you may remain liable for rent if you vacate your room during term. College regulations require tutorial permission for a change of room.

You will be required to clear your room and take your possessions home with you at the end of each term unless you are an International Student (please see the section on International Storage in the Accommodation Handbook).

The Accommodation Handbook also contains information on about what you will and will not need to bring with you (a room inventory), the College network, and Computing Support.

*Whilst a specific room has been allocated to you, it is possible that in exceptional circumstances, the College may need to change this prior to your arrival and you will be notified should this occur.*

The above information is for use in conjunction with the Student Handbook, White Book (student ordinances & regulations) and Accommodation Handbook.

Subject Reps Welcome letters

Please click on one of the links below to read a welcome form the SSCSU Representative in your subject.

Archaeology Law
Architecture Maths
Classics Medicine
CompSci MML
Economics NatSci
Engineering PBS
English Philosophy
Geography Theology
History VetMed
Fire Safety Video

A video on Fire Safety can be found on the College Moodle site, please make sure you watch this video as soon as possible.  The system will automatically update us once you have viewed it.  Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure you follow the College guidelines and you are aware of evacuation procedures for your accommodation.   

Freshers' week timetable

Please see the Freshers Timetable which lists all social and academic events taking place during Freshers Week.  If you have any queries, please speak to your Freshers Reps or the Tutorial Office who will be happy to help.

Student mentoring

Cambridge Student Union has several mentoring/buddy schemes run by students for students. These include schemes for