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Other Useful Information

First Year Accommodation

First year accommodation is randomly allocated prior to arrival. The location of this accommodation will change yearly and enquiries regarding accommodation should be made to Admissions prior to confirmation of place in August and to Tutorial after confirmation of place. 

The Accommodation Ballot for Second and Third year

The Accommodation Ballot for 1st and 2nd year accommodation in the following year takes place at the end of Lent Term. This process is run by the Tutorial Office in conjunction with the SSCSU Male and Female Welfare Officers. The students can ballot in groups of up to four. Representatives from SSCSU and the College witness the process of names being drawn at random. This is done by the Electronic Information Officer using a computer programme. 

On the first day of balloting the 2nd years choose their rooms and on the second day the 1st years select. The ballot can be watched live on Sidnet and there are pictures available of most of the rooms as well as information regarding facilities. There will be plans of most of the accommodation for students to view in the post room. 

Fourth Year Ballot

During Lent Term the Tutorial Office will contact all students in their third year to see if they wish to continue to a fourth year. It is very important that you respond, even if you are only considering a fourth year. This includes Natural Scientists, Engineers, Chemical Engineers and those wishing to do Management Studies. Medics and Vets move over to the Graduate Office for their Clinical Studies and therefore accommodation queries should be made to the Graduate Secretary

Once you make the Tutorial Office aware of your wish to continue, you will be added to the Fourth Year Ballot which takes place at the end of the Academic Year after exam results have been announced. The rooms available will be announced at the start of Easter Term break to give plenty of time for students to consider. The ballot takes place remotely as many students will have gone abroad or home when it happens. This means students will be contacted by email or text (depending which they opt for) when it is their turn to ballot. 

It is your responsibility to contact Tutorial if you are no longer undertaking a fourth year or have found private accommodation. Please note if you have chosen a room in the ballot and then decide to live out privately you may be fined. 

Intermitting Students

Some returning students will need to be allocated a room by the Tutorial Office but where this is unnecessary the student can ballot:

  • First of all if a student has already balloted for a room and then they intermit they will go into that room upon return.
  • A student who intermitted prior to the ballot in first year will be allocated a room with the new first years. 
  • A student who intermitted prior to the ballot in second year has one of two choices. 
    • They can ballot with their year group and be placed at random in the order. This will mean that for their third year they will need to be placed halfway as their original year group will have left. 
    • They can be placed into the 1st year ballot for 2nd year accommodation and will be placed halfway. 
  • A student who intermits in their third year will be placed halfway in the 2nd year ballot. 

Balloting discrepancies

  • JCR president to pick a room for Lent and Easter term; this room will then be used for the Admissions Assisant during Michaelmas.
  • Boat Club Captain will be announced before the ballot takes place. They will need to be removed from the ballot as they are allocated a room on A staircase.  
  • JNR and SNR Organ Scholars to go into Reserved Rooms and therefore not in the Ballot.
  • MML, AMES, and some Linguists pick rooms for the following year.  Once they have picked in order of the Ballot then the next student to ballot can pick the same room. 
  • Erasmus students need to pick a room for the incoming exchange student and pick the same room for a year ahead. This also applies to Engineers on exchange programmes. 


If you are studying Music you are strongly advised to pick a room in College if you wish to have a piano in your room.  Please note that some rooms may not be able to accommodate a piano, please contact Housekeeping Manager, Mrs Karolyn Duke () who will be able to offer advice.

Living Out Policy

Students who wish to live out must gain permission from their Tutor before doing so. It is rare for a student to live out and is not advised.  The policy on Living Out can be found in the White Book.  If you have any questions regarding living out please contact the Tutorial Office


If you have any queries relating to the Ballot please contact the Tutorial Office or the Male or Female Welfare Officers. 

During Lent Term, the College will be holding the annual Parents’ Feasts for the parents of third year students, these usualy take place in February and March and are by invitation from the Master.  Those who were on their year abroad during their third year will be invited during their fourth year. 

We recognise that family circumstances vary considerably and in organising the Parents’ Feast we want to be sensitive to your situation and wishes.  Therefore, we will contact you to ask who you would like to be invited during the later part of Michaelmas Term.

Subject Split

Due to the limited capacity in Hall and to make sure we have an even split of numbers for each Feast, subjects are divided over both Feasts and you will be informed of which Feast your subject will be attending in Michaelmas Term.

Parents/Guardians and Guests

You will receive a formal invitation from the Master which will include a link where you can sign-up to the event, provide details of any dietary/access requirements and make payment.

Should you have any queries regarding the Feasts, please contact Tutorial Assistant, Mrs Celia Summerlin (), Tel. +44 1223 3 38847).

Dress Code and Times

  • Formal, jacket and tie, or smart dress
  • Gowns will be worn.

The company will assemble in the Audit Room at 7.00 p.m. for pre-dinner drinks, dinner will take place in Hall at 7.30 p.m. and afterwards for post-dinner drinks in the Mong.

College Letters

If you require a letter to prove that you are a student at Sidney, for example, whilst opening or making any changes to a bank account, please email:

Tutorial Assistant, Mrs Claire Girdlestone (), Tel. +44 1223 3 38844)

Tutorial Assistant, Mrs Celia Summerlin (), Tel. +44 1223 3 38847)

with the following details:

  • Your full name as it appears on your birth certificate
  • Date of Birth
  • Your course name, when you started and expect to graduate
  • The name of the bank you are dealing with and if possible the address of the branch
  • The date you require the letter by

It is the aim of the Tutorial Team to produce these letters within two days of a request (or upon arrival at the College as a Fresher), please keep this in mind when booking appointments with the bank.


Official University Transcripts can be obtained from the Student Administration and Records Office for a small fee.

College Transcripts can be obtained by contacting:

Tutorial Assistant, Mrs Claire Girdlestone (), Tel. +44 1223 3 38844)

Tutorial Assistant, Mrs Celia Summerlin (), Tel. +44 1223 3 38847)

The Dean is the Fellow ultimately responsible for applying College disciplinary rules. The Dean, Domestic Bursar, and Head Porter are in regular dialogue to head off trouble before it happens. Disciplinary measures at the Dean’s disposal include formal warnings as to future conduct, charges for repair or replacement of damaged property, ‘community service’, requirements to desist from activities, prohibition from use of College facilities (such as the Bar), and exclusion from College accommodation and expulsion from the College for short periods. The most serious complaints or offences are referred by the Dean to a Student Disciplinary Committee, the workings of which are regulated by the College’s Statutes and ordinances.


Dr Fulda

Dr Bernhard Fulda

Chatong So Fellow
Director of Studies in History and History and Politics
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College Tel: +44 1223 3 38856
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