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The College Library and Computing Suite are open 24 hours a day to Members of College using their blue University Card. The Computing Suite is on the First Floor of the Library.  Students who might experience problems with access (the first floor is accessible only by spiral staircase) are requested to contact the Librarian in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.


IT checklist

Check that you have done the following things  before arriving at Sidney:

  • Installed or updated your anti-virus product and run a full scan, even if you are using a Mac.
  • Install all necessary critical updates, security updates, service packs and patches.  This includes those for Adobe Flash/ Reader and Java.
  • Make sure that you know all the passwords for your machine. This includes administrator passwords.
  • Obtain a USB memory stick to bring with you so that you can transfer work between computers as required.
  • Obtain an external hard drive for keeping backups of your work, pictures etc. during your time at the college. Take a full backup of everything that you wouldn’t want to lose should your system fail.
  • If your device does not have an Ethernet socket, obtain a USB or Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter. While some areas of the college have wireless available some do not. All rooms have a wired connection available.
  • Bring with you any recovery media that may have come with your machine or that you have burnt. This can be used if your system needs reinstalling.
  • Read the information provided regarding the network connections that will be available in your room.

 Library: Make sure you attend your pre-arranged Library tour in the first week of term, or re-schedule it by contacting the Librarian, Mr Alan Stevens (), Tel. +44 1223 3 38852) if you can’t attend. Your Library account will already be activated when you arrive, but vital information will be missed if you do not attend the induction tour.


Please use the links below for further guidance and information:

IT Matters