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Dietary requirements

It is very important that you inform the College of any dietary restrictions or food allergies in order to provide you with the best catering service that we can.

Please complete the Dietary Requirement form by the 21st September 2018 as this information will be used in preparation for the Matriculation Dinners.

Important Information

If you are vegetarian or vegan, you should mention this each time you make a booking for Formal Hall or any other College function.  If your dietary restriction is more complicated, you are advised to let the kitchens have the precise details of your diet in writing and to discuss them with the Domestic Bursar, Mr Albert Ray (), Tel. +44 1223 7 60948) and the Head Chef, Mr Stephen Mather (), Tel. +44 1223 7 61226) .  You can then just put a simple note for each Formal Hall booking such as “see special diet”.  In the first instance, please ask to see the Domus Bursar in the next few days to discuss your needs.

If you have a food allergy, you should report this to the Nurse, Mrs Jenny Taylor (), Tel. +44 1223 3 38826) when you arrive. If you are in any doubt, please discuss your situation with the Domus Bursar.