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Freshers' Student Information

Welcome to Sidney Sussex College

These pages are for incoming Sidney Sussex Undergraduate students and contain important information on what to do before and after you arrive.  You will already or shortly be receiving your Pre-Arrival Pack which is being posted the w/c 28th August, please read this thoroughly before completing any forms on the online Freshers' pages.  You can also take a look at the Freshers' Pre-Arrival Pack contents below.  

Please complete the forms in the section 'On-line Forms and Preparation' as soon as possible. If you have any questions that are not answered by these pages, please contact Mrs Claire Girdlestone or Mrs Celia Summerlin in the Tutorial Office (; 01223 338844). 

Welcome from the Senior Tutor and Chaplain




  • Accommodation handbook - you will receive a copy of this in your Pre-Arrival Pack and you will also be able to see it online once you have registered your Raven account.
  • Accommodation letter (room numbers have been sent by post)

 Health and Safety

Please complete and return the Health Questionnaire by the 13th September using the envelope provided.

GP Registration

Once you have arrived in Cambridge, you will be advised to register with a local GP and the Nurse will give you guidance on this.  Once you have done so, please complete the online GP Form which can also be found in the Health and Welfare section of the website.


 International Students

For Tier 4 students


 Welcome to Cambridge Events

Please complete all of the following forms on this page by the 22nd September.

Congratulations on receiving your offer letter from Sidney Sussex College.

Once you have made your decision to accept or decline the offer, you must complete a few forms as required by the College and Cambridge University.  The forms cover your acceptance, Data Protection Act consent and release of your email address and should only take a few minutes.  If you have any queries, please contact the Admissions Officer, Miss Sophie Comiskey (, Tel. +44 1223 3 38872) , who will be happy to help.

Please read the following elements of the form below before you complete it:

  • Before you go any further, it is important that you read through the Data Protection Act consent form and complete the declaration below to say that you have understood the statement and consent to the processing of your personal data. Please now, take a moment to read the Data Protection Act Consent Form before you complete the declaration.
  • When you click on the form below, you will be able to accept or decline the Unconditional Offer made by Sidney Sussex College, it is important that you have read and understood the Offer Letter you have received through the post.  If you have any queries regarding your offer, please contact Admissions Officer, Miss Sophie Comiskey (, Tel. +44 1223 3 38872) .

Essential Information Request

A-Level Scores

If you have completed modular examination course units (eg AS/A level courses) since submitting your Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ), please enter the UMS scores you received for those units.  It is not necessary to repeat information already given on your SAQ.  You do not need to provide us with your overall grade and UMS total for each subject.

Don't forget to include any modules taken in January.

A-Level Scores

Garden Party

The Senior Tutor welcomes new students and those who have accompanied them at an informal garden party in Cloister Court on Saturday 30th September between 2.30 pm and 4.00 pm.  Please complete the garden party reply form with the details of those in attending.

Garden Party Reply

Matriculation Dietary Requirements and Food Allergies

It is very important that you inform the College of any dietary restrictions or food allergies in order to provide you with the best catering service that we can.

Please complete the Dietary Requirement form by the 22nd September 2017 as this information will be used in preparation for the Matriculation Dinners.

Dietary Restrictions and Food Allergies

University Card

You will be given your University Card with your Welcome Pack when you arrive.  Theologians studying for the BTh Degree will receive theirs from Westcott or Ridley Hall.

Further Information

Further details regarding your card can be obtained from the University Card Office website.

There is a replacement fee for lost cards of £10 which will be put onto your College Bill; stolen cards must be reported with a Police Crime number.  Please contact the Tutorial Office 

College Library and Computing

The College Library and Computing Suite are open 24 hours a day to Members of College using their blue University Card. The Computing Suite is on the First Floor of the Library.  Students who might experience problems with access (the first floor is accessible only by spiral staircase) are requested to contact the Librarian in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

IT Checklist

Accessing the College

Information for International students

Outlined below is relevant information for new international students. This is all contained on the International Students webpages. Please note that the first two items are relevant for all students that come to study at Cambridge from outside the UK and not only those who require a visa.

International Students University Website 

Below are linke to information on the ‘International Students’ webpages for new students. The first two items are relevant for all students that come to study at Cambridge from outside the UK and not only those who require a visa.

Orientation sessions

These will take place on the morning of Friday 29 September. There are separate ‘Feeling at Home in Cambridge’ sessions  for undergraduates and graduates as well as a session on ‘Developing Academic English Language Skills’. Students should register online if they wish to attend:

Pre-arrival information

Practical guidance on coming to study in the UK and at Cambridge, including the International Student Guide:

BRP collection

The International Student Team will be distributing BRPs at the University Centre from Tuesday 26 September - Tuesday 3 October, excluding the weekend, for those students who have selected collection from the University (and not the Post Office) on their visa application. Students will need to take their BRPs to College for scanning after collection. For courses starting early, IST will be attending inductions and uploading visas onto CamSIS (ADTIS, MBA, MFin and Economics preparatory course):  

Police Registration

This will be available in the University Centre on Tuesday 26, Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 September and Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 October. Appointments must be booked in advance:

Responsibilities under Tier 4 Guide

The ‘Responsibilities under Tier 4’ guide is available at

Immigration Health Surcharge

Matriculation Ceremony and Dinner

Matriculation marks the formal admission of a student to membership of the University.  Every candidate for matriculation must subscribe to the following declaration by signing the Matriculation Registration Form:

I promise to observe the Statutes and Ordinances of the University as far as they concern me, and to pay due respect and obedience to the Chancellor and other officers of the University.

Matriculation at Sidney involves a ceremony in the chapel where you will sign the Matriculation Register.  This is witnessed by the Master, Praelector and Senior Tutor and the College Tutors and Chaplain are normally in attendance.

The Undergraduate Students ceremony takes place at 6.15pm on Monday, 2nd October 2017 in the Chapel.  Following the Matriculation Ceremony you will join your Tutor for pre-dinner drinks (venue to be confirmed on arrival) followed by the Matriculation Dinner.  This is a formal meal which you are expected to attend in Hall (please let us know your dietary requirements by Friday, 22nd September), where you will sit with those in your subject accompanied by your Tutor, Directors of Studies and Staff.

Dining Etiquette - Pass the Port to your left!

Always a bit daunting but nobody knows what he or she are doing on their first day so just enjoy and follow these simple guidelines!

  • Stand when the Fellows enter and while grace is said;
  • cutlery, "start from the outside and work your way in", #Titanic;
  • your bread plate is to the left and your drinks glasses are to your right.  You will usually have at least 3 glasses, a water glass and both red and white wine glasses and occasionally a small Port glass;  
  • place your napkin on your lap and start eating only when those diagonally to you have been served;
  • no mobiles on the table;
  • and finally, always pass the Port to your left! 

For Formal Halls, if you have a special dietary requirement, please make sure you request this at the time of booking and when you arrive, speak to the Buttery staff and take an appropriate diet card to your seat.

Matriculation Photograph

Professional photographers, Gillman and Soame will be at the College on Monday 2nd October at 1.00pm in the Fellows Garden to take the College Matriculation Photograph (a group photo for both Graduate and Undergraduates) .  You will be issued with an ID card for the Group Photograph in your Welcome Pack when you arrive, and also one for an Individual Photograph in the morning and your time for this will be in your individual timetable also in your welcome pack.  It is important that you bring these with you and do not misplace them.

The Photographers will send information directly to the College with information on how you and your family can order the Group and Individual Photographs approximately 1 week later.  This information will be put in your pigeon hole.

Dress Code

The dress code for the Matriculation Ceremony, photographs and the Matriculation Dinner is formal: jacket and tie, or smart dress.  You can buy a second-hand gown from the Porters or buy a new one at one of the academic outfitters in town.  The following link gives further information:

Undergraduate Funding

Undergraduates are classed as either Publicly Funded or Privately Funded for Fee Purposes.

Publicly Funded

Home or European Union Undergraduates who are eligible for student support through Student Finance and the Student Loan Company, the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) or the Student Finance Services EU team.

Undergraduates are charged a University Composition Fee (Tuition Fee) which if you have elected not to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan, and you are therefore responsible for the payment of your Tuition Fees, is payable in three termly instalments to the Tutorial Office.

If you have applied for a Tuition Fee Loan, or are in the process of applying, then you must provide a copy of your University or College Payment Advice - issued by Student Finance; or SAAS Award Notice to the Tutorial and Student Finance Manager, Mr David Graves(, Tel. +44 1223 7 60972) as soon as possible.

You are responsible for funding and managing your own maintenance costs.


Privately Funded

Home or European Union Undergraduates who are not eligible for support through Student Finance and the Student Loan Company, the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) or the Student Finance Services EU team or are from outside of the European Union.

Undergraduates are charged a University Composition Fee (Tuition Fee) and a College Fee (this is confirmed at £7,650), and these are payable in three termly instalments to the Tutorial Office.

You are responsible for funding and managing your own maintenance costs.



If you are anything other than self funded, for example, funded by a third party (Scholarships, Bursaries, University Department etc.), you must provide the Tutorial and Student Finance Manager, Mr David Graves (, Tel. +44 1223 7 60972) with full details by 6th October 2017 so that your funding body can be invoiced accordingly.

Further information about charges, the college bill and funds.