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Howard Research Studentship

The Basil Howard Research Studentship was established by the College Council on 13 November 1991 at the bequest of Basil Alvin Howard (matriculated 1913).   The holder of the Studentship must be, or seek to be, a candidate for the degree of Ph.D. in the University of Cambridge.  The Studentship is tenable in any subject and is open to men or women of any nationality.

The holder of the Studentship must have obtained an undergraduate degree, and election to the Studentship will usually be made conditional upon good results in degree examinations.  The Studentship is intended for candidates who have already been awarded, or are likely to graduate with, First Class Honours or the equivalent. Election is in all cases conditional upon the person elected being accepted by the Board of Graduate Studies of the University. The Studentship is subject to reviews of diligence and progress, and is renewable annually up to a maximum of three years. The Studentship will meet the cost of University and College fees (at the 'home' rate). The level of maintenance payments will be determined after considering the successful candidate's funding from other sources. The holder of the Studentship will receive at least £1,000 a year, and a Student without income from other sources would receive full support (at the 'home' rate), and subject to annual review. In addition, the Student may apply for support for some approved research expenses over the course of the Ph.D. programme.


Once you put an application through the central University system, requesting in the appropriate place to be considered for centrally administered funds, it will automatically also be considered for a Howard Research Studentship. You do not have to take any further actions or make a separate application.

Students from other Colleges are eligible for these awards, but if successful they would be expected to transfer their membership to Sidney Sussex College. In the competition for the Studentship, no preference will be given to candidates who nominate Sidney Sussex as their College of first or second choice on their application form.