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Matriculation and Induction

Graduate Induction Meeting

  • You are required to come to the Sidney Graduate Induction on Sunday, 2nd October 2016 at 6.00pm for 6:15pm prompt start (until 7.30 pm) in the Mong Hall (informal dress). There you will meet all the other new graduate students and also get a chance to meet some current graduate students and officers of the MCR. You will be introduced to the Graduate Tutors, the Graduate Tutors’ Personal Assistant, the Senior Tutor, the Chaplain, and other key staff members.  Over wine and soft drinks, we will be answering questions and giving you a few tips and pointers about College life.  Please note that you are still required to come to this event if you have already taken an undergraduate degree at Sidney. However, those who have already attended the Graduate Induction at Sidney in the past, as graduate students on a different graduate course, are not required to attend.


Matriculation Photograph

  • If you have not already taken a Cambridge degree, you must also attend the College Matriculation Photograph (a group photo), which will be taken on Monday, 3th October 2016 at 1.00pm for 1.30pm in the Fellows’ Garden. (Graduate students will have the opportunity to have an individual photo taken after the group photo if they wait behind). Wearing a gown is compulsory. Men should wear a jacket and tie and women should wear equivalently smart clothes. Casual attire is not acceptable. If you have already taken a Cambridge degree, you have already matriculated and therefore you are not required to attend the Matriculation photograph, but you are welcome to attend if you wish.


Matriculation Ceremony and Dinner

  • Matriculation Ceremony:all students new to Cambridge must matriculate. This ceremony takes place at 6.30pm on Thursday, 6th October 2016 in the College Chapel. Please arrive by 6.15pm. You will be formally welcomed by the College and you will then sign the Matriculation Register. If you have already taken a Cambridge degree, whether at Sidney Sussex or another Cambridge College, you do not need to matriculate again. You are, however, welcome to attend the ceremony as an observer.  The dress code is formal: jacket and tie for men, smart dress for women; academic gowns are compulsory. You can buy a second-hand gown from the Porters or buy a new one at one of the academic outfitters in town. The following link gives further information:
  • Following the Matriculation Ceremony there will be pre-dinner drinks in the Lodge at 7pm followed by the Graduate Matriculation Dinner at 7.30pm on Thursday 6th October. This is a formal meal in the College Hall. All students new to the Sidney graduate community must attend this meal even if they are not matriculating, including those who have taken any other degree at another Cambridge College and those who have taken an undergraduate degree at Sidney. Regrettably, those who have already taken another graduate degree at Sidney, and so already attended a Sidney graduate matriculation dinner, will not be able to attend. If you are expected to attend this dinner (as above) but you are unable to do so for any reason you must inform the Graduate Tutors’ PA giving your reason for non-attendance by Thursday 29th September. The dress code is as given above for the ceremony. Please let us know your dietary requirements by Friday 23rd September.