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Health and Welfare

Brett Gray

Pastoral Tutor - The Rev'd Dr Brett Gray
Tel. +44 1223 3 38837

Dr Gray is on leave this term

Acting Chaplain Tutor - The Rev'd Dr Justin Lewis-Anthony

Tel. +44 1223 3 38837

M: 07779 030896

The Acting Chaplain is available to all students to talk over any concerns. His rooms are in Y1, at the top of the wide external staircase behind the Mong Hall. He is in college, usually, on Wednesday afternoons, Fridays all day, and Sunday afternoons. You can make a (confidential) appointment to see him by email, phone, mobile, or by going to


Nurse - Mrs Mary Lindsell
() Room P7; Tel. +44 1223 3 38826,
Mrs Jenny Taylor
() Room P07; Tel. +44 1223 3 38826

The college nurses hold surgeries from Monday to Friday in the Health Centre, which is located on the ground floor of Garden Court (opposite the entrance to the library), no appointments are necessary.

"We have experience in a wide range of medical and psychological conditions and can offer advice and support during your time at Cambridge. You are encouraged to visit me if you feel unwell or sustain an injury or have a problem which you wish to discuss."

Term Time Surgery Hours

Monday 8.30am - 11.30am  
Tuesday 8.30am - 10.30am
Wednesday    8.30am - 11am
Thursday 3pm - 5pm
Friday 10am - 1pm


If you need medical advice when the Health Centre is closed please contact your GP and for overnight and at weekends telephone NHS 111 Service.  Minor ailments can be treated by your GP or by the out of hours emergency doctors' service, 24 hours a day.

In an extreme emergency the nearest casualty department is at Addenbrookes hospital.  An extreme emergency is a condition such as a suspected broken bone, road accident, a severe wound that requires stitching, suspected heart attack or any other life-threatening condition.

Please remember that all Porters are First Aid trained and should be informed immediately in an emergency (01223 338800).  Remember, the College Porters are here 24 hours a day and will know who to contact in unexpected circumstances.

Registering with a Doctor

In your own interest, the College strongly recommends that you register with a Cambridge doctor by the end of your first week in Cambridge. A list of Cambridge doctors and their addresses can be viewed in the Health Centre (P staircase).

GP Registration Form - Please complete this form as soon as you have registered with a GP and no later than the second week of Michaelmas Term.

NHS Choices

The UKs biggest health website, NHS Choices provides a comprehensive health information service with thousands of articles, videos and tools, helping you to make the best choices about your health and lifestyle, but also about making the most of NHS and social care services in England.

NHS Student Healthcare Guide - A very useful guide for all students provided by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commission Group.


Students who have had a serious allergic reaction should record this on their Health Questionnaire and will be seen by the college nurse to discuss their allergy. If you have an Epipen this should be carried AT ALL TIMES and you must be prepared to self-administer it if you feel a reaction coming on.

If you are allergic to any foodstuffs, you should inform the Catering Manager before booking yourself into a Formal Hall.

Communicable Diseases

It is important that you read the communicable diseases information pdf via this link, to understand your responsibilities in avoiding the spread of disease. [pdf]

Advice on Meningitis

Noro Virus Information

Action to take in combating the Noro Virus

Vorovirus/Vomiting/Diarrhoea Information Sheet for Students

Dental Care

To find a Dentist in Cambridge, please use the NHS Choices website (listed above).  Please note that the University Dental Service no longer exists and is now an ordinary dental practice which no longer specialises in students.

College-Based Counsellor

In addition to the University Counselling Service (UCS), Sidney Sussex College provides a free and confidential College-Based Counselling service for all postgraduate and undergraduate students registered at the College.

College-Based Counselling is a scheme at the University Counselling Service and subject to the same policies and procedures, including confidentiality.

How do I make an appointment?

Many people sort out problems by talking to friends, family or staff in their College or Department.  Sometimes looking up some information about things that are concerning you is helpful and UCS has a large selection of self-help information available on their website.  However, there are times when this is not enough and you may wish to speak to the College-Based Counsellor in a private setting in College.

The College-Based Counsellor is available on Tuesdays during Full Term between 9am and 5pm. Please be sure to indicate that you are a member of Sidney Sussex when you apply for counselling.

Students completing the online form are encouraged to apply to UCS and College-Based Counselling simultaneously for the shortest possible waiting time

For more information and to apply, please go to:  College-Based Counselling at Sidney Sussex and complete the online form. 

Please note, that during peak times, your application will be acknowledged and your details may be placed on a waiting list until a suitable appointment becomes available. 

Other Services

Student Minds Cambridge

Designed to help you find the support services avaliable to Cambridge students. 

Student support guide - link to website

Student Counselling Service

The Student Counselling Service is available to all undergraduate students in residence and graduate students on the register. Further information can be obtained from the Student Counselling website.

General Information for Students

University Counselling Service

Emergency Contact Information:

Head Porter, Mr Colin Maxted (), Tel. +44 1223 7 60971)

Cambridge Police Station Contact details

Medical and other cases of emergency should be reported to the Porters.  Dependent on the scale of the situation, emergencies should be reported either to:

  • Emergency Services (999), and the Porters informed next; or
  • To the Porters' Lodge in the first instance

If you have been hospitalised following an emergency, let the Porters know, not least so that your Tutor, Directors of Studies and supervisors can be kept informed.  Students should also inform the Porters when they return into residence after a stay in hospital or elsewhere - for fire safety reasons, the College would need to know that you are back, and your Tutor would prefer to avoid an unnecessary visit to the hospital if you are no longer there!

Fire Safety

Sidney Sussex Fire Video - youtube

City Wise!

You should not be overly alarmed - the likelihood of incidents happening to you is very low. It is, however, important to follow a few simple safety precautions appropriate for living in a relatively big city, particularly when moving around town at night. Please consider:

  • If possible, travelling in pairs or groups.
  • Keeping to main routes where other people are present.
  • Avoiding deserted or ill-lit areas.
  • Avoiding arguments with strangers.
  • Carrying a personal alarm

Please also see the CUSU Safety and Welfare for further advice and contact details.

Porters' - Sanctuary

Porters' Lodge

Head Porters have agreed that during open hours their Lodges can be used as a sanctuary should an individual feel threatened or unsafe, this essentially provides dozens of safe-points across the city.

Report any incidents asap to a Porters’ Lodge day or night. This can be any Lodge. 

The college and the university deal directly with their students as young adults, and families can best support their offspring by encouraging them to approach one of the many entry points to the pastoral support system.  In order to do that effectively, they may find these documents helpful:

All members of the Sidney community – students, Fellows, staff – have a right to dignity at study and at work.  An ethos of mutual respect, transmitted across successive cohorts and fostered by our shared commitment to the college’s pursuit of education, learning, and research, is key to the upholding of that right, and operates through shared, informal norms and expectations of behaviour.  Additionally, rules of progressively more detailed and flexible nature (from Statutes, to Ordinances, to Regulations) provide a formal framework for relationships between the college’s institutions and individual members of the community, and for interpersonal relationships.  These rules are collected in the “White Book” (to give it its full title, “The White Book: A Compilation of Student Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations.

Of particular importance to the operation of Regulation P6 in the White  Book, dealing with harassment and sexual misconduct, are the College Anti-Harassment Officers (CA-HOS).  They are listed below, and any member of the college is welcome to contact them for a confidential initial conversation:

The Pastoral Tutor, Dr Brett Gray (; (3)38837)

The College Nurse, (; (3)38826);

The Vice-Master, Dr Michael Ramage ( )

The Undergraduate Tutor, Dr Maria Noriega-Sanchez ( )

The Graduate Tutor, Dr Berry Groisman ( )

The JCR Women’s Officer ( )

The JCR LBGTQ+ Officer ( )

The MCR Welfare Officer ( )

The MCR BME Officer ( )

The LGBT Officer ( )