Our primary aim is to provide the very best education within a vibrant, supportive environment for all our students.

To achieve this, we value your support of the College’s fundraising priorities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unforeseen and very detrimental impact on the finances of the College. We continue to prioritise support for our students as they face new challenges. Your gift at this time is especially appreciated and makes a real difference to the academic and pastoral wellbeing of our students.

General Fund

Sidney is very grateful for donations directed towards the area of most need within the College. This flexibility allows Sidney to direct funds to the most pressing issues the College faces. Donations to the General fund can be used to support students in difficult financial circumstances, secure high standards of teaching and research, fund extracurricular activities that are central to College life, and maintain Sidney's historic buildings and grounds for future generations of our community. 

Student bursaries

We are determined to do all we can to ensure that Sidney is accessible to students from all backgrounds.

The Cambridge Bursary Scheme allows us to encourage the best students to apply to study at Sidney, regardless of their financial situation, confident that we can provide them with an excellent academic and pastoral experience throughout their time here.

Under the terms of the Cambridge Bursary Scheme, bursaries can be named where a gift covers the total cost of the bursary – please be in touch if you would like to discuss this possibility.

Student support and experience

Our students may face many different pressures during their time at College and it is our aim to offer as much support as we can to those who need it most; from buying textbooks, to paying for taxis for injured students, from subsidising counselling sessions, to paying emergency travel costs and offering bridging 'loans' for those in short term need.

Sidney is keen that the academic experience be complemented by opportunities to experience the rich co-curricular offerings of the College and University. The support fund also allows for students, who may not have otherwise been able, to take advantage of the clubs and societies that create a well-rounded education. Support for the College's extra-curricular activities, such as the Sidney Sussex Boat Club, other sporting societies, the music societies, subject societies and Choir is greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, donations to support students are often central to enabling students who would not otherwise be able to do so to take up work placements and internships, or embark on life-changing travel and volunteering opportunities. 

By giving to our student support fund, you can help us to provide the care that our talented students sometimes need so that they can perform to the best of their abilities and the experiences which are so critical to their future. 

Teaching and research

A major benefit of a collegiate education is individual teaching through supervisions – a chance for students to have direct contact with research-active academics.

However, at present, current student fees only cover around 60% of the cost of this education.

With your support, we can continue to provide the very best education, as well as fund the research of our College Fellows and students.

We are very grateful in particular for the Chatong So Fellowship which is held by Dr Fulda (Fellow in History) and for the support provided for the Worth Waynflete Fellows, Dr Groisman, Dr Oner and Professor Sepulchre (Fellows in, respectively, Maths, Land Economy and Engineering). Sidney also appreciates the generosity of members of the 1596 Foundation who support the 1596 Foundation Fellowship, held by Dr Wilson-Lee (Fellow in English) and the donors to the John Thornely Fellowship which funds two Fellows in Law, Dr Bordin and Ms Saunders.

Buildings and facilities

We are committed to providing affordable and comfortable accommodation on-site, as well as the other facilities necessary for our students and academics to concentrate on their studies and research.

Your donations to our buildings fund will support the essential maintenance and improvement of our beautiful historic buildings.

Following a programme of refurbishment of our student accommodation, Sidney is now in the middle of an ambitious project to build a new, larger kitchen in the basement of the William Mong Hall and under the Master’s Garden. This will revolutionise what the College is able to offer its members, creating a new servery, increasing our dining capacity and providing Sidney with a versatile conference and event space.